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  1. GCG highflow
  2. It looks completely stock, the pipes fit directly into the rubber bits the stock intercooler plumbs into. In other words, you could look at my engine bay piping and not realise I have a front mount!
  3. As for new mods, I've got these sitting in my garage: - Bosch 040 pump - z32 afm - r32 ecu (ready for nistune) - 550cc side feed injectors Should be good for 230-250kw hopefully. We'll see when I finally get a tune!
  4. After living with the front mount intercooler for a bit, I can say that I already prefer it. Even though the boost comes on a bit later (~3700rpm instead of ~3300rpm) the power seems cleaner and more consistent, holding better up top. I used to have an issue with boost creep and boost spiking which has now pretty much disappeared. Not sure of the science behind that but I can now control the boost a lot better. The fmic is also somewhat hidden behind some mesh and the phat JDM plate. Stealthy [emoji6] Also chucked on some clear side indicator lenses because why not!
  5. Welcome Jhon have you got a Skyline or do you drive something else?
  6. Great writeup Josh! Inspiring to see someone else starting out with not much knowledge and overcoming all the "speed bumps" as you say You might hear from me again at some point as I'm going a similar route to get to ~250kW! With a nistune, 550cc sidefeeds and a highflow turbo. I even went for a blue dash haha. Best of luck!!
  7. Installed a Blitz SE front mount intercooler over the weekend. Had to grind down the reo bar a few mm on either side so it would fit, and also grind down the inside of the front lip to accommodate the new piping. The new setup is definitely slower coming on to boost but the blitz should perform better when I get a tune.
  8. Could I get my name changed to 33easy pleasey lemon squeezy? Thanks in advance
  9. Nismo style lip and type M pods fitted. Time to focus on powah!
  10. Yeah I think even my headlights which are 5400k halogens are technically illegal. The cops haven't mentioned it when i've been pulled over so it must not be too offensive - kind of an "ice blue" colour in person. But maybe i'm just lucky [emoji28]
  11. Looks like im going front mount then. I'll have to measure it up tomorrow to figure out exactly what it is. Thanks for the detailed info, really helped me out!
  12. Does anyone know anything about my mysterious ARC smic that came with the car? Not sure exactly but its about 100mm thick. Am wondering particularly what kind of power it could handle, and what its potentially worth if i go front mount. Cheers!
  13. [June 2017] Recently installed some second hand Nismo damper adjustable coilovers and got some M-type skirts painted and fitted. The handling is immensely improved - no more scraping during cornering and also eliminated wheel rub on the guard!
  14. Also installed a GCG rb25det highflow turbo at around the same time as my turbo was starting to let go. Did it myself in the tiny garage I had at the time. Was a complete bitch but got it done eventually. The only other time I had ever worked on an engine was to change spark plugs - so a pretty big milestone for me . The increase in power from the highflow was immediately noticeable even with the stock ecu. Pulled way harder throughout the range, although I couldn't up the boost very much as it would creep out of control (need an ecu and tune...)
  15. I spent the first year of ownership fiddling about with bulbs, LEDs, stickers and plates (as a student with no mechanical skills) and learning to drive manual properly (yeah not joking ). Learning as much as I possibly could off the internet and saving up for something more significant. [April 2017] Eventually I got around to doing something meaningful and bought myself an HKS evc 6. The ashtray seemed like the best place to mount it - I dremelled out a piece of MDF to fit and carbon wrapped it, and got a mate to help me with the wiring. Overall cost around $300