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  1. Ah recognise this now.. turns out I have one in my garage haha. Cheers
  2. I'm interested in the grille but can't seem to find any photos online... do you have a pic you can post up? Would be greatly appreciated
  3. +1 for regapping plugs I had the exact same problem after putting in cheap copper plugs and running 10 psi (felt like a spluttering and loss of power after certain rpm). I gapped the plugs down to 0.8 and wrapped the coilpacks in electrical tape and the problem went away.
  4. Cheers lads. Thanks for the warm welcome
  5. I bought a boat Hey everyone, I recently got a nice r33 gtst s2 which I plan to beast up a bit. Joining the forums for inspiration and education! Not much of a mod list (yet) but: - 3 inch custom turbo back high flow cat and mufflers - ARC high flow smic - Apexi pod filter - Koyorad aluminum radiator - Exeedy heavy duty clutch - K&N Oil filter - Rear sway bar - Boost tee - Cusco racing brake stopper - Black GTR wheels and vinyl wrap on bonnet, roof and spoiler Yes I have blue parking lights... roast me Cheers guys, looking forward to meeting some of you