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  1. Looks like im going front mount then. I'll have to measure it up tomorrow to figure out exactly what it is. Thanks for the detailed info, really helped me out!
  2. Does anyone know anything about my mysterious ARC smic that came with the car? Not sure exactly but its about 100mm thick. Am wondering particularly what kind of power it could handle, and what its potentially worth if i go front mount. Cheers!
  3. [June 2017] Recently installed some second hand Nismo damper adjustable coilovers and got some M-type skirts painted and fitted. The handling is immensely improved - no more scraping during cornering and also eliminated wheel rub on the guard!
  4. Also installed a GCG rb25det highflow turbo at around the same time as my turbo was starting to let go. Did it myself in the tiny garage I had at the time. Was a complete bitch but got it done eventually. The only other time I had ever worked on an engine was to change spark plugs - so a pretty big milestone for me . The increase in power from the highflow was immediately noticeable even with the stock ecu. Pulled way harder throughout the range, although I couldn't up the boost very much as it would creep out of control (need an ecu and tune...)
  5. I spent the first year of ownership fiddling about with bulbs, LEDs, stickers and plates (as a student with no mechanical skills) and learning to drive manual properly (yeah not joking ). Learning as much as I possibly could off the internet and saving up for something more significant. [April 2017] Eventually I got around to doing something meaningful and bought myself an HKS evc 6. The ashtray seemed like the best place to mount it - I dremelled out a piece of MDF to fit and carbon wrapped it, and got a mate to help me with the wiring. Overall cost around $300
  6. R33 gtst Daily I'm making this build thread to keep a personal journal of my progress. Suggestions, feedback and banter are welcome The car upon purchase in January 2016. Overall a nice tidy example of an r33 s2 gtst with some mild mods. I personally love the stock r33 s2 look, and all future mods are intended to maintain the stock "feel" of the car Major mods at time of purchase: 3 inch turbo back exhaust Koyorad aluminium radiator Exeedy heavy duty clutch ARC side mount intercooler Boxed Apexi pod filter Machined rotors and GTR wheels Rear sway bar And a bunch of other "quality of life" and cosmetic mods.
  7. This build is awesome! Have always loved black on sonic silver. Hard to get it right without looking over the top but you have nailed it. And some nice mods too, shows some serious dedication. Keep up the good work
  8. Ah recognise this now.. turns out I have one in my garage haha. Cheers
  9. I'm interested in the grille but can't seem to find any photos online... do you have a pic you can post up? Would be greatly appreciated
  10. +1 for regapping plugs I had the exact same problem after putting in cheap copper plugs and running 10 psi (felt like a spluttering and loss of power after certain rpm). I gapped the plugs down to 0.8 and wrapped the coilpacks in electrical tape and the problem went away.
  11. Cheers lads. Thanks for the warm welcome
  12. I bought a boat Hey everyone, I recently got a nice r33 gtst s2 which I plan to beast up a bit. Joining the forums for inspiration and education! Not much of a mod list (yet) but: - 3 inch custom turbo back high flow cat and mufflers - ARC high flow smic - Apexi pod filter - Koyorad aluminum radiator - Exeedy heavy duty clutch - K&N Oil filter - Rear sway bar - Boost tee - Cusco racing brake stopper - Black GTR wheels and vinyl wrap on bonnet, roof and spoiler Yes I have blue parking lights... roast me Cheers guys, looking forward to meeting some of you