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  1. Hello people, somebody will maybe remember our barn find from Dubai.(or maybe nobody...it is almost 2 years ago) So here is actual pictures from today ? Same same but different ? What do you say?
  2. We were lucky, we found GTT trunk lid (with some scratches) in this totally crazy country. Everything looks like trash like you see on picture, parts are everywhere- one big junkyard. Most of parts are obviously KO because of this storage "system". Everybody thinks that Dubai is very nice and clean city... Yes when you are here like tourist or you live and work only in the center of Dubai, where everything is so nice.. But when you will go little bit out of city center you will be really surprised. Ok, lets continue.. So we also found GTT bonnet, but we werent lucky with headlights, so we took our bad looking dingy, old, yellow lights and gave them to one company for polishing. Now they look very good. Forgot to mention, that each second day there is some problem with electricity, so because of that some of the pictures are dark. Sorry for that. But this place teaches you, how to be grateful for everything what you have in your home country. There was also one talisman or mascot waiting for us in the car, we will keep it in the car for luck So this is it..Now we have to wait for shipping to Europe and we will continue with other build-ups there, cause these working conditions are sick and we are tired to do anything else here.
  3. We started to work on car and tried to find some spare parts in these not 100% city and garage conditions. First thing- we put down the no name spoiler, which was not professional mounted. Small surprise from inside was waiting for us. Somebody cut it wrong and put there too much silicone. We took out also rear cover for trunk, again somebody cut it very bad. Next, we had put down the sideskirts, which didnt match perfectly. I was trying to find some parts, but at first I found GTR exhaust JASMA 051 HKS HiPower Silent. Changing exhaust from stock to GTR was not that smooth like we were thinking, so we had to adjust the middle pipe. We found one company near garage where we took the car (again with recovery) and they had adjust the pipe- cut out the muffler, removed the cat and created the longer pipe instead of it. It is not easy to find here good company with good job, so I was all the time there and checking if the work will be done good with quality and we were lucky, cause they did it really good.
  4. C-West Side skirts Hi guys, can anyone help us with these C-West side skirts? We cannot find if these are for GTR. We bought car like this and we are trying to find some informations. If these are from some bodykit or not... Thank you for any help.
  5. Thank you for your replies. So here are few words about the interior and exterior. The car didnt look well at the first sight, but we ve changed our mind after few sights. Interior is in very good shape, without some serious damages. Tommy Kaira dash, steering wheel Momo Race, old school Apexi turbo timer, shift knob- RAZO RA66 Black/Dark Chrome, gas pedal- RAZO Formula spec. (without brake and clutch- those are stock), central console is wrapped in some carbon foil, starting to unstick, radio Carrozzeria Pioneer DEH P-650 with front and rear speakers ALPINE DDDrive. All interior buttons were changed for blue LED lights, some of them are not working, upper trunk brace- Carbing, and also original Skyline mats made our day Regarding some lacks of car... not going to write about that the interior needs to be completely cleaned, somebody unprofessional cut off the rear trunk cover for the Carbing trunk brace. Exterior doesnt look good. Some plastic GTR hood- there was some foil on it which is already KO, headlamps are xenons, original front GTT bumper, front fenders are both hit (we think it happend on the place where we bought the car), fiberglass side skirts- C-West, there were also horrible wind deflectors on the windows, original GTR rear bumper (70% condition), GTR trunk lid, there is some noname spoiler, rear lights are LED. The saddest thing are wheels. Looks like just some random wheels which somebody put on car just to have some, but 3 pieces are original Rays Versus Campionato SS7 and 1 piece is Enkei. We think it is impossible to find and buy 1 piece of those Rays and have complete set.
  6. Here are more pictures from transportation. And finally in cleaner area and garage.We started there little bit more checking what we actually bought. But the main reason why we definitelly decided to buy this car is this Tommy Kaira digital dash
  7. Skyline R34 GTT Dark blue Pearl (BP9) Hello there, we are new here. We were lucky and found our Skyline 2 weeks ago for sale in Dubai. We found it standing in one ugly,dirty, not good looking industrial street (like from some movie ). At first sight it was not good looking car, but after small check it was hidden treasure. When we came there, we were able just start the car, without any test drive, but the price for the car was really funny and the car had for sure so many reasons why to buy it, so we definitely had to buy it. And even then, we still didnt know about all parts which were and still are in the car. Pig in a poke So this is how we found, saved and bought our tiny Godzilla We took the car to our friends garage, we were there able to check it better before export to Europe. Car was imported direct from Japan. R34 GTT, 5speed manual, colour: Dark blue Pearl- everything original Hope that this is the right topic place for updating some informations about our car and updating modifications or any pictures. This is just the first part of our story and we would like to share also some details about our car in next update or feed.
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