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  1. GTRfoLyf

    Not yet mate, i might just pay for the suspension lvv cert if i cant find a set.
  2. GTRfoLyf

    Thanks mate, il hit them up if i cant find anything here in NZ.
  3. Will do, thanks mate
  4. Yea i wasnt sure if putting the jack on the diff would damage it. Will do that frm now. Cheers guys
  5. Trolley jack placement Hey guys, Is it safe to put the trolley jack on this spot on the back of the car? Just dont want to damage anything. I always use the jack points but now i need to put the car on all 4 jack stands. This is on a R33 btw. Cheers
  6. Hey mate, do you know or recommend anyone? I live in Auckland. cheers
  7. Thanks for the info man, only spoke to one guy on thursday nefore closing time. Will phone around next week. Cheers.
  8. R33 Gtr stock suspension for sale Need a full set of R33 Gtr stock coilovers for the compliance process. Please Pm me if you got em for sale or know where i can but them from. Cheers guys.
  9. R33 Gtr NZ compliance Hey guys, took my imported gtr for a compliance here in Nz but it came up with few problems. Firstly i have a HKS suspension installed so i need to get it LVV Certified which is going to be atoung $500-$600. Secondly if i do take it i am sure they are gona say that the muffler isnt stock so then i will have to pay for that. Think its extra $200-$300 and thirdly they might also point out that the wheels are not stock either, which will be another $200. I have got the NISMO wheels made my RAYS. So some of the Gtr's came with them and others came with the isonic r33 wheels. Does anyone know if they are going to make an issue out of these wheels? I have included the photos of the wheels and the exhaust. I am sure the exhaust is aftermarket but could someone please confirm. Also, all this could be avoided if i just put the stock suspension in and take it back, then i wont have to get a LVV done. So does anyone know where i can get the stock coilovers for my r33? Any help is appreciated.
  10. R33 G-TR Hey guyz, Once again i must the masters of this devine site to shed some knowledge upone me. I am replacing the rotors on my r33. So i have ordered 2 blank front rotors locally but now i might be able to get a deal for 2 piece rotors of the internet but the prollem is that i cant get my money back for those locally ordered rotors. So i was thinking maybe i could put the 2 piece rotors on the front and the blank locally bought rotors on the back. I wanted to know whether the front and rear rotors are the same or they have different dimensions? Both the local and 2 piect of the net say they are for the front, if anyone knows about this plz let me know. Oh and have only taken the front ones off atm. They are 324mm and 30mm thick. Cheers guys.
  11. GTRfoLyf

    I will have a look into their pricing around here. Thanks man
  12. GTRfoLyf

    I was replacing the inner cv boot and rotors and realised that the rubber has got some tiny cracks in it due to the age of it. Same issue with the steering rack. I am just getting the car ready for compliance and once its on the road i can slowly start replacing the parts i want. Low on cash at the moment or i would have done it now.
  13. GTRfoLyf

    Yea thats me but i have been watching alot of repair vids on youtube and all of em got a compressor. Need to save up for one, anyways thanks alot guys.
  14. GTRfoLyf

    I am not replacing the joint right now but i will be in about 3 months. Do you think it will come off if i use air tools? Because right now i am just using hand tools. I would prefer to use the original bolts so if you have any suggestions on how to take it off without damaging the nut, that would be awesome but if not then il just have to source another nut. Also when i put everything back, do i need to put anything on that ABS sensor and remove that silicone?
  15. R33 gtr Hey guys, need your help with identifying some car parts on my r33 gtr. I am not a mechanic, whatever i have learnt over the years is self taught so it is safe to say that i dont know everything that is on a car. Anyways i was replacing the front right inner cv boot and also fitting new rotors and i came across a hose that i dont know about. First photo is from the outside and second one is from the inside where the drive shaft connects into the hub. Also whats that white silicone stuff on the surface in the second photo? Secondly i tried taking taking this bolt out shown in the third photo, using a braker bar i am able to spin it but thats all it doing. It doesnt get loose and just spins which requires a lot of force. All help is appreciated. Thanks all.