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  1. R33 G-TR Hey guyz, Once again i must the masters of this devine site to shed some knowledge upone me. I am replacing the rotors on my r33. So i have ordered 2 blank front rotors locally but now i might be able to get a deal for 2 piece rotors of the internet but the prollem is that i cant get my money back for those locally ordered rotors. So i was thinking maybe i could put the 2 piece rotors on the front and the blank locally bought rotors on the back. I wanted to know whether the front and rear rotors are the same or they have different dimensions? Both the local and 2 piect of the net say they are for the front, if anyone knows about this plz let me know. Oh and have only taken the front ones off atm. They are 324mm and 30mm thick. Cheers guys.
  2. I will have a look into their pricing around here. Thanks man
  3. I was replacing the inner cv boot and rotors and realised that the rubber has got some tiny cracks in it due to the age of it. Same issue with the steering rack. I am just getting the car ready for compliance and once its on the road i can slowly start replacing the parts i want. Low on cash at the moment or i would have done it now.
  4. Yea thats me but i have been watching alot of repair vids on youtube and all of em got a compressor. Need to save up for one, anyways thanks alot guys.
  5. I am not replacing the joint right now but i will be in about 3 months. Do you think it will come off if i use air tools? Because right now i am just using hand tools. I would prefer to use the original bolts so if you have any suggestions on how to take it off without damaging the nut, that would be awesome but if not then il just have to source another nut. Also when i put everything back, do i need to put anything on that ABS sensor and remove that silicone?
  6. R33 gtr Hey guys, need your help with identifying some car parts on my r33 gtr. I am not a mechanic, whatever i have learnt over the years is self taught so it is safe to say that i dont know everything that is on a car. Anyways i was replacing the front right inner cv boot and also fitting new rotors and i came across a hose that i dont know about. First photo is from the outside and second one is from the inside where the drive shaft connects into the hub. Also whats that white silicone stuff on the surface in the second photo? Secondly i tried taking taking this bolt out shown in the third photo, using a braker bar i am able to spin it but thats all it doing. It doesnt get loose and just spins which requires a lot of force. All help is appreciated. Thanks all.
  7. I am getting 12v and 8v in 2 of the 3 terminals in the bigger grey plug.
  8. Does anyone know how much volts should i be getting in the small brown plug that is connected to the pump? Have added photos for reference. Cheers guys
  9. I have tried grounding the brown wire directly to the battery, also swaped out the relays but no luck. One of the guys i know is a mechanic, will keep uz posted when we find out what the problem is. Thx guyz
  10. I hooked up the multimeter to the relay terminals. I am getting a constant 12v in no3 and 12v in no1 when i turn the key. Only getting about 0.4v in no5 when i crank. Also checked the brown grounding wire that goes to the grey and brown plugs on top of the fuel pump. Spliced the wire and grounded it directly to the battery, still nothing. Both the fuel pump connectors (brown and grey appear to be in good condition with no corrosion.
  11. I hooked up the multimeter to the relay terminals. I am getting a constant 12v in no3 and 12v in no1 when i turn the key. Only getting about 0.4v in no5 when i crank.
  12. Do i plud the relay to a battery and check the voltage reading this time? Last time i put the multimeter on ohmsand the mm made a constant sound indicating it was working. Or do i check the 3rd terminal in the car? Cheers
  13. R33 Gtr not getting fuel Hi guys, i ama new gtr owner. Imported the car frm japan about 2 yrs ago and and the car in the garage. I am finally getting it ready to get a compliance and i ran into a problem. Up untilnow the car had been starting up fine and its safe to say that the car has only been driven about 1km in these two years but i used to regularly start it up. Yesterday i went to start up the car, at first it turned on for about 4 seconds and then turned off. The car is turning over and getting a proper self but is not starting. So i checked the spark plugs and they are fine, next i checked the fuel filter and that fine too. Ihave also checked all the fuses and they are fine. Took the filter off to see if fuel was flowing when i turn the key and there was the problem. There is no fuel coming through. Then i took out the fuel pump, checked it with a car battery and it works fine. But when i put the key in i cant hear the pump prime. I think i have checked the correct relay with a multimeter and that is working aswell. It was next to the battery, have added the photo of the relay. Can you guys tell me what could it be? Any help is appereciated guys.