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  1. LMAO wtf dodgy as i'll have a look on ebay or or srcoll though here for ya to josh
  2. hey mate Have you tryd gumtree? etc if not worth a look there was one for sale on here not long ago for like 2g not sure if it sold etc. try looking in the car sale part and it should still be there josh
  3. Front strunt brace on gts4? hey guys no one can really give me a right answers and keep forgeting to ask etc. will a gtst front strunt brace fit a gts4? josh
  4. wow thought prices of skline where going up not down unless you need the money that bad should just wait arpund man she preety clean
  5. there is a like button there na just wanted thoughts heh. Some one please write up how to install. or i'll have a go when the cluster comes and write one up.. josh
  6. lol what he said but ever turboing a rb25de is still worth it with the nice high comp. but kinda depends what u want lower power with real quick spool or like a normal rb josh witch ever way id stay away from twiins.
  7. can u get me a pic of the engine etc kinda keen josh
  8. did say that mate. want some peoples thought if that's ok with u hero? just wanted thought mate.
  9. sorry i did forget to say i all ready had a hks camp with all stuff etc. just wanting to know if the dash would be cool etc ;/ josh
  10. mine still worked fine viper brand
  11. na mate the same ran fine etc ah just started it let n warm up n gone as she was stalln on me randomly josh
  12. im 99% sure u can just reset it by takng it out of the car for like 5mins i.ve done it on my old 33 100 time never did anthiing thought had no tune etc josh p.s please some one correct me if im wrong
  13. Gtr vs Gts4 parts Interchangable?... hey guys dumb i know it;s been asked before but are the gts4 r33 say and a r33 gtr drive train the same i.e i know the gear boxes are diff ratio etc just the rest is the gts 4 weaker? josh