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  1. Which one did you end up using ? did the same just curious thank you for your time
  2. Thanks bud, I was able to measure them finally got my kit to measure, came up with the same measurements, Thank you for your help and a piece of mind coming up with the same thread pitch and such. Gonna make a custom line, ill post a pic when its done
  3. I don’t think that’s what I need, it’s the small line that feeds the rack. I could be wrong but this is best picture I have at the moment.
  4. Thanks for the reply much appreciated, I checked it out not seeing that specific part available, there is some reproduced parts but just not this one.
  5. Trying to get some info on the attached picture, Noticed my line from the steering that feeds the rack is bent ( short line), looking to replace it with an fittings if possible i believe the one side with banjo is m14x1.50 not 100% sure what the rack would be. I noticed the part is discontinued any help would be appreciated.
  6. I was curious what people used for the transmission support when using the rb25box on the R32. I noticed the rb20 box only 1 of the holes lines up, other than welding a new piece on, Is there a stock support that would do the trick. Sorry if its been covered over and over again, I did not see any info that would help.
  7. I dont mean to bring up an old topic, but i am looking to do this to my neo, Any tips on cutting the vct hole? any specifc size hole saw or is there something you used ?
  8. I was looking to get my covers powder coated, I've come across information that it is a Silica Breath (EYO) , I was wondering if anyone knew of any powder coating paints that were available to replicate this color, Only thing i found was airbrush paint, any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!!!!
  9. I have aftermarket Cusco adjustable pillow tension rods , So might be ok in that aspect. Just trying to figure out my options for the moment thank you guys!
  10. I've read a few things that the S14 and ECR33 share the same Front Lower Control Arms and others say their different.. Not sure which is correct, I am looking to place these on my R32 GTST, Any Help would be greatly appreciated!
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