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  1. I was curious what people used for the transmission support when using the rb25box on the R32. I noticed the rb20 box only 1 of the holes lines up, other than welding a new piece on, Is there a stock support that would do the trick. Sorry if its been covered over and over again, I did not see any info that would help.
  2. I dont mean to bring up an old topic, but i am looking to do this to my neo, Any tips on cutting the vct hole? any specifc size hole saw or is there something you used ?
  3. I was looking to get my covers powder coated, I've come across information that it is a Silica Breath (EYO) , I was wondering if anyone knew of any powder coating paints that were available to replicate this color, Only thing i found was airbrush paint, any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!!!!
  4. I have aftermarket Cusco adjustable pillow tension rods , So might be ok in that aspect. Just trying to figure out my options for the moment thank you guys!
  5. I've read a few things that the S14 and ECR33 share the same Front Lower Control Arms and others say their different.. Not sure which is correct, I am looking to place these on my R32 GTST, Any Help would be greatly appreciated!