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  1. cheers, that was a good read! My biggest problem is I just can't find any parts/any breaking in the uk, I know some parts can be used from the 350Z but it's the drive shalf, hand brake and trim which is a problem.
  2. Hi, the car is rare over here in the uk and 90% of them are automatics.
  3. Hi all, I thinking of carrying out a automatic transmission to manual transmission conversion, using the automatic ecus but rewiring the neutral switch to clutch switch, reverse switch and speed sensor. Will this work? Thanks.
  4. Hi, I had the bose set up in mine and it was shit! Out of all the mods I've done ripping the factory bose HU/sat nav, amp and all speakers out and replacing with aftermarket was the best mod!
  5. Ac drain? Hi all, Does anyone know where the a.c condensation drain is?
  6. Fitting decats will throw up the engine light/fault code. You can fit some 02 extensions to stop this happening. The 2 after cat sensors only check to see cats are working fine. I have decats on mine.
  7. Cheers, it's a bit confusing about what level at what temperature!
  8. Yes it has a dipstick for gearbox. But do I check it with engine running? Thanks.
  9. Auto gearbox fluid check Hi all, Can someone tell me how to check the fluid level in the auto gearbox? I have a 04 with the 5 speed auto. Thanks.
  10. Thats not that easy from the uk! Thanks.
  11. I'm going to rip the lot out! Bose Hu and amp, dvd drive and screen. I've won a double din fascia from japan, just waiting for it to turn up. But it's black and not silver so going to get it wrapped or hydro dipping.
  12. Can someone tell more about fitting cruise? No reply from Chris.
  13. Update - I have a double din fascia which I won on a site in Japan, it's on it's way to the u.k now. The only problem is it's black and mine is silver! Also trying to sort info on connecting steering wheel controls to new HU which is not easy!
  14. Hi, email send a few days ago about the cruise.
  15. Great thanks! That's the answer I was looking for!
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