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  1. I managed to get some time check out the car over the weekend, yes you are correct @dr phil... no Hicas!! But piddley little S13 size driveshatfs 😥. The PS belt did squeal when I tested by dry steering, so I replaced the PS belt as it did look old and worn. Dry steering again results in no belt squeal or slip but the random pulling or jerking remains when cornering. I probably should have looked at the car myself before posting. TBH this is the first time I've personally had the car in the air and I think it has every adjustable suspension arm that has a pillowball Nengun has to offer - so the problem could be anywhere. I have ordered some new Tierod ends (had to buy genuine) so I'll post again once I make some progress. Thanks for all of your advice.
  2. I honestly hoped someone had a similar issue 😁. I have little faith the in local shops diagnosing the issue, due to my past experiences. I'll give the Hicas removal a go and go on from there. Thanks for your reply.
  3. I have a problem that I don't even know where to start diagnosing it. My R34 GT-Four experiences a strange sensation in the steering where at the same point mid corner when completing > 70 degree turn at speeds higher than 15km\h the steering suddenly gets heavier for half a second and the steering wheel jolts slightly (easily reproduced on smaller roundabouts). I have read a heap of posts on the effects of hicas problems and power steering assist but the fact I can reproduce the problem consistently I thought it was more a mechanical issue rather than an electrical issue. The vehicle is insanely low (thanks to the previous owner) does this play havoc with the AWD system and steering? The vehicle has the standard factory steering wheel.
  4. ookami

    I regret selling my R33. Has been nearly 8 years since I parted with it
  5. ookami

    Yeah patch 4.0.1 really put a dampener on Cata for me, the changes wasn't what i was expecting (I wasn't reading the Beta notes either) I just can;t say I'm impressed with the talent tree changes. Atleast with Wrath and BC the Talent trees introduced so many new abilities for all classes, cata is just the same old with the worthless talents taken out. At this stage I stuck between playing Alliance or Horde. Horde races are much more manly, but I'm sick of the KB warriors, plus worgens look tops - wonder if the dickheads will follow and barrens chat move to goldshire ...
  6. ookami

    Was annouced as 7th December.
  7. ookami

    External HDD are not a problem in large sizes (USB powered or 240v). As R32nismoid said ur prices are a bit dear and have seen cheaper at the local Officeworks\Harveys\JB HIFI\etc stores. I would only buy the 2.5inch if u had a valid reason ie, connect to car usb connector, use with a mobile laptop etc. The pricing for a 2.5inch cannot be justified unless warranted. I recently purchased a 1.5" WD Elements for $99 during a sale at our local Officeworks store if thats any guideline for pricing to go by. It was cheaper there than what the consultancy firm I worked for could buy them for from their supplier.
  8. If you can't tell the difference what makes you want a series 3 so bad?
  9. Is the RB25E still available? Will you consider shipping it? Cheers ookami
  10. ookami

    Sorry for all the late replies as i don't come on here often and have changed my contact details. PM sent all those who enquired.
  11. ookami

    I have my HKS prestige plates sitting in my room doing nothing, as they hardly look the part on a diesel Lancruiser or a sileighty with all Trust parts They were originally on my GTR that i owned for 6 months so they had very litte use and are in perfect condition. Front plate is a slim line with black on white and they fit perfectly onto an import. I'm asking $4000 but I am open to offers, so don't be shy. Please see below for pics
  12. damn is this car still for sale? Hasn't it been for sale for over the past year?
  13. ookami


    yeah selling a skyline is the hardest thing to do, and I've had to do it twice, keep the car, whats 18 grand in grand scheme of things anyway.
  14. ookami


    are you serious? It should be making more for what its got.