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  1. Morning, On Christmas Eve I was driving to meet my Mum when the car felt as if it wouldn't accelerate, I could hear the rev's but wouldn't increase speed. Within two minutes the whole car shut down, all lights filled the dash, no power, no steering, no brakes and small amount of smoke coming from the bonnet near the windshield. Managed to get it towed home. Checked all fluids and everything was fine, full of fuel etc etc. Put the computer on the car a few days later and no errors (however wouldn't even crank more than once. Managed to scour around the country to get a new alternator (not damn easy!) and finally installed new alternator. Battery fully charged and now cranks but still won't start. Fuel pump is working, coils seem to have the right charge and still no error codes on program (guessing because it won't turn over its only picking up what it can?) Won't even jump start. HELP!!! Anyone have any ideas? I have now been without this damn car for 3 weeks and my gut feeling is it is something simple.
  2. Not one code comes up? No weird lights come up, however, it takes a little bit for her to bring on the brake/start light again after she has done it multiple times. Once it does it once, it seems to do it until she cools down to nothing again?
  3. Nissan skyline v36 G35 Help please! I am new to this, so desperately need some help. I have recently got a Nissan Skyline v36 350GT and it is having issues. Driving around town it is fine, cruising on the freeway is fine, however, once you exit the freeway and come back down to "normal speed" she splutters a bit and then continually shuts off every time you stop at lights. She starts up fine, but then dies as soon as you accelerate. You have to really "floor it" and hope for the best to keep her going. Any suggestions? Initially it had a 550v battery which was replaced by a 650v battery, which fixed the "around town cut outs", but then today it did it after being on the freeway and coming down to speed. It is booked in to go onto computers Monday week, but hoping someone here has had the same issue????? I was told to increase the idle rev's via computer?????
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