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  1. Have you tried the pedal dance already? Could be as simple as needing an idle relearn
  2. Driving in Gold Coast isn't that bad IMO. Of course you get to see idiots everytime you're out driving, but try driving in China!! Came back to China couple months ago, and first night out almost smashed by a taxi who didn't give way to me. Think of the number of times you would see crazy drivings in a day in OZ, and triple that is what you would encounter in 20 minutes in China. 70% of people just don't give a fk about other road users. Not to mention that the actual speed you get to drive will always be 20km/h below speed limit...sigh
  3. Hi InifinitiG35, mind if I ask how much did you pay for this dash pocket? I'm trying to buy one as well I saw someone on Gumtree sells this kit for $250.. I mean, seriously??
  4. QBE Insurance 04 skyline v35 coupe under 25 yo $312 for 6 months
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