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  1. dylondylondylon

    326 Power lugs are super sweet. Aluminum though so can be stripped if your not careful. caps are interchangeable and come different styles and even spikes if your into that kinda thing.
  2. dylondylondylon

    For anyone interested, The front brake Rotors, and Pads are exact same as S13/240sx -Diameter: 256mm -Disk Thickness: 22mm -Height: 49.2mm -Center Diameter: 68mm The rear Rotors are similar sizing to the Infiniti M30 / Nissan Leapord F31 -Diameter: 265.9mm -Disk Thickness: 10mm -Height: 69.5mm -Center Diameter: 68.0mm
  3. dylondylondylon

    Just looked on Amayama , never heard of that site! Got the measurements of the rotors and going to cross it with something over here. thanks for the information, very helpful!
  4. dylondylondylon

    Yea I've been browsing thru YahooJapan Auctions, croooober ect. But that's mostly all used brake components. Replacing the e-brake shoes because of extreme wear, which I will use 300zx Project-Mu product. The rotors also should be replaced because of wear. I will just need to test fit and do measuring to see what will work here state-side, just figured someone might know off the top of their head or have replaced their 4-lug components so I could order ahead of time before she goes on jack-stands. Lots of info can be found for 5-stud, and going from 4lug to 5 lug, but I'm keen for staying 4stud. thanks for the input.
  5. dylondylondylon

    Tacoma WA, USA Newbie Whats up! Name is Dylan, Residing in Tacoma Washington, USA. This is my 1989 R32 Sedan. Got the car 2 years ago mostly stock and have slowly been plugging away at it, from stock body on 15's , to the current state of full kit, and 17's. As she is right now: SR20DET Powered, Tomei 256 cams, Greddy T517Z turbo, tomei exhaust manifold, Greddy intake, Nismo coppermix twin plate clutch, Nismo pressure plate and flywheel. PS-Duce Front and Rear bumper, Origin sideskirts, Origin Front Fenders, D-max trunk spoiler. Work Seeker SX wheels. Nismo 2-way rear differential Safety-21 Cusco Cage Couple other goodies here and there, but yea!
  6. 4 STUD R32 GTS brake questions I've been reading thru the forum trying to get information on replacing brake components for my 4-Stud R32 sedan GTS. Before anyone suggests, I am staying 4 lug and do not wish to go 5-stud! From what I've gathered so far, I can use S13/240sx Rotors and pads for the front no problem, My issue is trying to find REAR rotors and pads. Because they are in-drum, I'm not sure what I can use/ cross reference to here in USA. Iv'e found that I will use non-turbo 300zx e-brake shoes but trying to replace rotors and pads as well. Any Info would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!!