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  1. Geez it's a bit lonely in here. I'm on the P.C. I downloaded the tapatalk app for the android phone but it won't let me sign in or do anyting at all really. Any one else had the same issues?
  2. Nah Dale he died last October. Bloody cancer. Was making all his own booze as a hobby with a still in the shed. [emoji39]
  3. [emoji154][emoji95][emoji100][emoji876]
  4. Some pics from before coffee and cars Sunday. Pick the odd one out. [emoji6] was a fun cruise down there [emoji3].
  5. Howdy stranger haven't heard from you in ages[emoji3]
  6. Seen this bad boy at the drifting today. Beast.
  7. Gee... I thought you were gonna leave it stock...
  8. Nice day for sailing to Perth. Bump,bump,brrrrr.
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