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  1. Yeah I checked out some of their stuff. Looks cool. I liked the retro side car deal. [emoji848]
  2. Yeah... I'd love to take the reel mower through the tunnel.
  3. Cool..... Lauda is faster and safer. What kind of bike is it?
  4. Rode a motor cycle up a hill and took a photo?
  5. Skimming over the top like a polished stone.
  6. Yeah... What's going on with the rangas lately? showing restraint and acting all normal and stuff.
  7. Yeah, I was highly tempted to give it a go but managed to reign in all the irrational thoughts that come naturally with red hair.... And being stuck in a traffic jam.
  8. And 3.5km of traffic jam because of a crash. Fun on the skyline clutch. Oh and a crash this morning that was a 15 Min of traffic jam. [emoji34][emoji35]
  9. Welding inside a big slurry tank. [emoji42]
  10. Holy shit. Put your sack on a trolley and go now.
  11. I'm almost scared to ask.... But what happened?
  12. Like a champ in the last round. [emoji95][emoji471]
  13. Bummer. Part out or fix? At least it made it home for you.
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