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  1. Beyond Blue R33

    Piece of fuel line hose and mouthwash.
  2. Beyond Blue R33

    Yeah I worked with a bloke who had that. Man he used to get massive gut aches. Took the doctors ages to diagnose it.
  3. Beyond Blue R33

    Hutt bag
  4. Beyond Blue R33

    Yum, just like brushing the teeth except it goes in and out automatically.
  5. Beyond Blue R33

    How much?
  6. Beyond Blue R33

    Be handy for parts.
  7. Beyond Blue R33

    Hey Steve my evil plan is to buy your gt-r lm spec when you sell it so I can stalk your Pal Eric in W.A. I'll keep the Beyond Blue gtst so I have a Godzilla/Godzookey look in the driveway to scare away the bogans. Double dinosaur rather than double dragon.
  8. Beyond Blue R33

    Yeah Friday. I finished at 2:00pm and finally have a Saturday off[emoji28]. Used a full 15kg of mig wire in 4 days.[emoji26]
  9. Beyond Blue R33

    How did you manage to get a job in my undies. It's low paid dirty hot sweaty work. Hope you brought the micrometer.
  10. Beyond Blue R33

    Yeah thanks Martin I watched parts 1 + 2 last night. Would love to go for a spin on the Hakone Skyline toll road. Even in a honker. Can see where you get the inspiration for your you tube stuff from, high quality video's and presentation.
  11. Beyond Blue R33

    Another flat track at the M.C.G. Perth stadium test was a good one.
  12. Beyond Blue R33

    Merry Xmas everyone. Let the food and booze begin. [emoji490][emoji508][emoji481][emoji594][emoji61][emoji95]
  13. Beyond Blue R33

    Like itsuki. Pfft S.O.H.C.
  14. Beyond Blue R33

    Pulling Craig out of a hole again?. Man that was stuck. Craig just threw it in there[emoji41]. That was a good video Martin.