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  1. ye i have been speaking to matt thanks alot guys cheers
  2. Hey guys im looking for a r32 ecu so I can nistune or all ready nistuned anyone know where I can buy? Thanks
  3. Just wondering where they are? i have seen other threads but links are dead? Best mechanic as in decent pricing and has a good knowledge of skylines RB's Thanks
  4. found out my CAS has no rubber spaces grinding the bolts when the previous owner just had the timing done so pissed where can i find these rubber CAS spacers?
  5. also now i can hear the noise less but can see what it is doing it looks like the pulley that has the CAS on it has little residue / particles of steel flickering from the pulley like its grazing some steel? over tensioned? shit job from previous owner?
  6. Hi im not sure where this post is suppose to be ill apologise in advance my r33 series 1 was making noise from the cover has done 120ks also had markings on the CAS with paper mate ive taken off to see what is going on and i have seen the lower cover is loose on the bottom left side rubbing is there a way taking the bottom cover off without a headache ? thank you
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