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  1. As above. I dont have the time to make a custom rear seat delete. I have been looking for a while now and nothing. I guess the R32 gets all the love regarding these parts. Contacted 5th element carbon out of Poland and I guess they are either too busy or they just dont care. I am also from the US, and even worse, from interior Alaska. So getting someone from up here to do this kind of work is extremely challenging. If anyone has, is or knows who does custom carbon work, not just for the rear seat delete, please let me know.
  2. Plans changed and not looking into upgrading any time soon so I am getting rid of these. Unknown mileage. No shaft play. Bought them from a guy in Canada. Never installed the units on my vehicle. Been sitting inside the box since I got them. Ball bearing, great response from what I have read online. Will ship it via USPS priority mail from Alaska, USA. Haven't seen a lot of these for sale so I am guessing they are kind of rare. Not sure how much they run for so I am asking 1700 USD plus shipping. Flexible on price so I am open to offers. No trades though. Pics available upon request.
  3. Interested in the s3 headlights but will need the bulbs and ballasts.
  4. Tzuteng

    R33 S3 Xenon Headlights As above. Post or PM with price. I'm from Alaska so must be willing to ship too.
  5. So I guess 275 35 then.
  6. R33 GTR, planning on putting some 18x10.5 +12. Will be lowered, but not much. Used mainly for pleasure, no racing or track. Don't want to roll fenders. Want to put some 285s but I'm not sure if they will rub. 285 30s? 275 35? Any help will be appreciated.
  7. WTB R33 GTR OEM Grill hardware/clips As above. Looking for all the hardware/clips/bolts for the oem grill.
  8. Apologize. Should have been more specific. Yes, I meant stock ECU. Thanks for the answers.
  9. Bolt ons and tuning Did a search and found nothing on this, so I apologize if I'm asking questions that have already been answered. I want to know if tuning is required, and when I mean required I mean not to damage the engine by running too lean, when doing bolt ons. I am referring to downpipes, which I think you guys call them front pipes, straight pipe or cat delete, catback exhaust and replacing the stock intake boxes with pod filters. I know I won't be getting max power out of these mods without tuning, I just want to let the engine breathe better. Appreciate your input, and again, sorry if this question has already been asked and answered.
  10. Tzuteng

    Ran two reports on the vehicle and have on hand auction sheets and reports regarding the vehicle. After researching I found out that the cluster was indeed replaced. The auction sheets use symbols like $ and # and explanation to indicate the discrepancy on the mileage. For example, in my case there was a discrepancy on the mileage so beside it in the report it had a $, which means the odometer was replaced legitimately. I, however, have more luck understanding a martian than what it says in the report. If anyone can translate these japanese reports I will really appreciate it. Also, thanks for the info and the heads up Nizmo Man.
  11. Tzuteng

    Thanks for the info. Make sense now. Yeah they are very hard to find, especially without too many mods which I am very picky about. The previous owner brought it from Japan when he was stationed there. The first thing I am going to do is compression test and inspection of everything in the motor. I know the water pump, timing belt and intake/exhaust and valve cover gaskets were replaced with OEM Nissan parts. Not planning power modding for the moment. Is there a way to confirm actual vehicle mileage? I am open for advice so keep em coming.
  12. Tzuteng

    Messy as in dirty? And what about the Nismo meter? You say it like its something bad. Edit: I thought those came from stock. Just googled r33 gtr cluster and noticed the difference.
  13. Tzuteng

    A couple of pics from the guy who owned it. Like I said, pretty much stock. The interior is in mint shape. Low mileage also.