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  1. Hi guys I'm about to redo my power steering setup on my r32 gtst with an fitting and ptfe lines and wanted to know if this diagram was pointing me in the right direction with top line going to the reservoir and bottom line going from the pump to the rack? Cheers
  2. Cheers for the info what's the flexibility of the ptfe line you used for your power steering setup? I'm looking at doing something similar in my r32 race car.
  3. Hay mate Your power steering setup did you use ptfe lines?
  4. Ok so I'm looking at replacing the power steer reservoir with a aftermarket one, I found this one with a an10 feed and a an6 return, my question is does it matter were the return is?
  5. Cheers Duncan I'm in middle of sorting out my power steer system in my race car, have you had any issues with yours or have you gone aftermarket?
  6. Hi guys Can anybody tell me if this is a hicas or non hicas power steer unit
  7. Do you have any more photos of your power steering setup?And also do you run a power steering cooler?
  8. Hi guys I'm after some advice/photo on the power steering system for my r32 skyline. Was after some photos on what lines I need or if there is a aftermarket kit or something along those lines as I only have a couple of bits and r32 resviour. Cheers
  9. Hi guys I'm after some advice on what I can do with the feed/return on the back of the plenum, can I block it off completely or should I put a tap on it to bleed the coolant or is there somewhere for me to loop it to. Any advice would be greatly appreciated Cheers
  10. Hay guys has anybody delete this line or connected it upto some were to keep the coolant circulating would prefer to delete it if possible, any advice would be greatly appreciated. Cheers
  11. Hay guys Look at options for a turbo for a rb25det series 1 will be running e85/e50 880cc injector front mount intercooler, front facing plenum and want to use a wastegate actuator want to get around 400hp mark, what are my options? Cheers
  12. Hay guys just doing a bit of a clean up on the intake side of my rb25det and wanted to know if the air regulator is necessary or can I get rid of it? Any info will be greatly appreciated PS this is my first engine build
  13. Hay guys pros and cons for running rb25det factory oil/water exchanger in motorsport appreciation will be used mostly for circuit driving. Cheers
  14. Hi guys and gals I want to delete my heater hoses and want to keep my oil cooler/heat exchanger can I get rid of excess hose to unclutter the space under the plenum.
  15. Hi guys can anybody tell me what this ecu is it's been sold as a rb20det just not sure if it is. Cheers
  16. Hi Guys Can anybody tell me if the rb20det and rb25det exhaust manifolds are interchangable?
  17. Hi Guys Its probably been covered before, but wanting to know if theres any point having the pineapple bushes when I have soild subframe bushes in a race car? Cheers
  18. Hi guys I'm in the middle of building my rb25det series 1 for track use. I've purchased a head drain, is it worth putting oil restrictors in? If yes, what size do you think would be best? The motor will be tuned for around 400hp. Any info will be greatly appreciated. Cheers
  19. Yes, is there anyway to convert it to electrical that you know of?
  20. Hi guys I'm looking at getting a after market dash and want to run a 20det gearbox how can I get around the electronic connection to the speedo? Any info will be appreciated.
  21. Hi guys Thanks for the info Dale FZ1 and yes first post 😆. The car has front caster, camber and toe arms same with the rear, Tein adjustable suspension, front swaybar with most of the arms being whiteline, fuel cell, rims are 18x10s, custom made fully adjustable rear spoiler, custom made front bumper with splitter to come, full rollcage and race seats, still in the build stage but coming together nicely
  22. Hi guys Would anybody be able to give me some measurements for a R32 gtst suspension setup for a fully dedicated track car as I'm at the point of setting up my suspension and can't find anything on the net. Cheers in advances
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