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  1. Can it be done with the full subframe out of the car.
  2. HKS stage 2 cams ? Or is there another name for them. The reason we didn't throw injectors in it is because I didn't want to spend the 3500 on doing the fuel system all at once. Now where doing 28650-5s with billet wheels ported factory manifolds since everything else is known to crack and the new cast Tomei dumps. The hks exhaust im running now has been fully gutted the silencer has been removed and the can has been gutted and straight piped. I don't know how it is in Australia but everything for the GTRs is a arm and a leg. Second hand parts doesn't really exist. So after all the turbo stuff is done we will retune the car and I'll have to deal with low boost untill it goes back for full fuel upgrade and Maxx Ecu. Then wait some time and upgrade the oil pump oil cooler Greddy intake manifold and HKS stage 2 cams with head studs and a gasket. When I started out with this car I wasn't expecting to spend 15k to make the same amount of power as my 5 series lol
  3. R32 GTR dyno numbers pump gas So this is to help some people out and not let them continue on these crazy pipe dreams lol. First off my car was dynoed at all 4 wheels on as they called it the heart braking dyno and I learned why. So before I post a video here's the specs temp out side today maybe in the 70s sea level elevation 1990 Nissan R32 GTR 42,000 miles stock turbos Apexi standalone with stock Mafs greddy suction Kit hks hard piping hks Bov Arc intercooler blitz front pipes stock turbos stock manifolds stock dumps test pipe to 3.5" hks exhaust stock fuel injectors rail pump and pressure Greddy Profec the new one my car on 93 octane made 325hp and 301 TQ at 18 PSI and then the turbos said hold my beer and watch this. So long story short a custom set of garrets 2860s is gonna be made ported manifolds that are jet coated with coated tomei dumps the new style. I find it hard to believe the stock fuel system supports 450hp now when we where at 75% duty cycle at 18 pounds of boost and 325hp. So hopefully with the custom set of garrets I can get closer to that 400awd numbers but from what my tunning guys said it's gonna be hard with injectors haltech pump rail and stage 2 cams I'll be happy to see high 400s IMG_4104.mov Link to the dyno video
  4. lol I know the struggle when my last build was my wide body turbo E30 it's still not finshed and everyone said going to a turbo would only cost 4K I ended up closer to 10k once everything was said and done. I own a large E cig Manufacting company so I'm doing pretty well on funds I just hate buying the wrong things. I rather spend the money on good quality parts then cheap crap that is going to brake or leave me stranded. I have a rule if the car leaves you on the side road more then 4 times it get garaged until I can trust it again. But I plan on doing it in stages. ARP head studs and a head gasket. With HKS stage one cams and adjustable cam gears. While everything is pulled apart I'll do the Greddy intake manifold and complte fuel system. With R35 MAFs. I'll get it retuned and cruise around like that for awhile and then build up the funds for the turbo manifold waste gate custom plumbing exhaust and all the other things no one accounts for. There's a lot of info out there but i feel like no one can ever come together and be like boom injectors fuel rail fuel pump Ecu turbo manifold waste gate and so on and so on.
  5. Thanks guys for all of the help here's some pictures I got of the car today with my buddy's GTST im still waiting on my Jun front lip so car looks really really goffy with out the front lip
  6. Thank you can I just say this forum has been the single biggest help to owning the car. American car forums have completely gone to shit over the years. But coming here was a really nice , I'm just gonna copy the exact same manifold turbo and waste gate they used. Are the greddy intake manifolds worth it ? Mine looks terrible and if where gonna be pulling that much apart on the car I wanna replace it. Only 700 dollars.
  7. Oh and yeah it isn't bound to any emssions laws or regulations. So 3.5" from the turbo out the rear bumper.
  8. Ok ok lol I guess big single it is. So a GTX35 any reccomdations on exhaust manifolds ? I've been sourcing parts from RHD Japan most Australian company's I've emailed I never get a response back from. I plan on using a tial V60 I've always had good look with tial stuff in the past. If 60mm is to much let me know I hit a big learning curve with the GTR. Coming from bmws I thought this was gonna be cheaper I was dead wrong.
  9. So Doing so research looking like going single turbo is just as expensive if not more lol. Turbo is 3,000 manifold 800 wastegate 600. 3.5 inch downpipe and other Misc welded parts are gonna be around 1,000 so let's ball park it at 6,000$ I thought you guys said this was cheaper lol to do single turbo lol
  10. So what do you recommend a GTX3582R? I was looking at the flatwell single turbo manifolds and then just do a tial 44mm waste gate. Still want some response like something under 5k. I had a bit turbo E30 and the boost came on at 5,000 and I was shifting at 7500 lol f**king usless
  11. Looking for some knowledge Hi guys still new to the forum. Yes I've used the search bar and found a lot of old info on my questions so.... I recently got my R32 GTR it has N1 turbos and was pretty much bone stock other then that when I got it. so this is what I've done so far. Hks front pipes true 3.5 straight pipe all the way back to a HKS muffler HKS super SSQ Bov HKS hard piping kit ARC Intercooler Full Greddy suction kit Apexi power FC with a street tune removed the boost restrictor deleted the ABS rear steering and AC and pretty much all of the suspension has been upgraded So my question is I'm looking to make jump to 550 600hp I've been looking at different turbos and it seems like everyone has a different opinion. My plan was tomei manifolds HKS down pipes R35 MAFs but fuel and turbos it seems like some guys say 800cc injectors some say 650s. So just looking for a honest real world opinion or what your running to make 550 600hp I live in Texas so best octane fuel available to me is 93 sorry for any spelling or grammar mistakes lol
  12. Its a shame that no one else makes anything close to this or any of the other replacement grills anymore. I've contacted a few company's overseas for like the HKS style or Jun style with no replys the struggle of owning a GTR in the US
  13. I've been looking with zero luck