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  1. Its a shame that no one else makes anything close to this or any of the other replacement grills anymore. I've contacted a few company's overseas for like the HKS style or Jun style with no replys the struggle of owning a GTR in the US
  2. I've been looking with zero luck
  3. R32 Grill info Looking for some info on this front grill and where to get one.
  4. Thank you that's the little stuff that can turn a quick upgrade into a pain in the a#%
  5. R34 Turbo upgrade Hi guys still new to the fourm and the Nissan scene. Not new to cars I have a handful of bmws and wanted something different. When I bought my R32 GTR my buddy also included a set of R34 GTR turbos. So my question is are they a direct swap ? Also since they aren't in the car yet is there any upgrades I should do to them before installing. I plan to port the factory manifolds when I pull the turbos. Car is running factory ECU with the boost restrictor removed. The car also has a ARC intercooler , HKS intercooler piping full greedy induction kit with apex filters hks down pipes to test pipe to full 3" hks exhaust. I plan on running a apex D standalone just waiting for one to come up for sale used. Total goal I guess you would say Hp would be around 450.
  6. They are 18x10 +14 with 4 inch lips
  7. Thank you lol my buddy pushed me into them lol I must have spent weeks trying to figure out if they would fit before I bought them. I had the fenders and quarters rolled before they painted the car plan on running 265/35 Nitto 555Rs. I plan on hitting up the used parts thread soon. Need to track down fuel upgrades and tunning. ordering parts from RHDjapan is killing I've been waiting for the coil overs and ARC intercooler to ship for a month plus now
  8. Here's the wheels that will be going on the car
  9. I completely raided his spare parts bin when he re did the car. HKS down pipes HKS mid pipes test pipe to HKS hi power hks intercooler piping and full greedy intake don't remember the full name for it but the kit that replaces all the piping. I also ordered a set of 18x10 Work meisters for it as well as a ARC intercooler and Augusta coil overs. He also threw in a set of R34 turbos so I'm gonna have them rebuilt to N1 spec and pick up a set of tomei extreme manifolds to mate them up with. Power wise looking to make around 450hp to the wheels I know I'm gonna need alittle more then what I have so far but it's a good start. I've been reading through the forum for months before I joined so pretty excited to get the car and start getting into it. I've wanted a GTR since the OG Grand tursmio days but as you all know we just started being able to legally own them.
  10. New from Texas Hi guys new here from Texas. A good friend of mine importated A R32 GTR for me and restored it. I'm taking delivery this Friday pretty excited been waiting 4 months for the car. Car is a TH1 90 GTR, car has been fully repainted. I also own a bagged E30 Vert with a storker M20 a wide body big turbo E30 vert and a full bolt on F10 535i M sport.