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  1. Thanks Kiwi, WackyRacer is a Tasmaniac; which severely limits choices available to me. I've been waiting 2 weeks for quotes on parts suppliers from multiple (count at least 6) suppliers as far away as Sydney (I'm in Hobart) as literally nobody down my way even knows where to start. Got lucky today though, Sinergy Automotive in Adelaide know their business and have helped me with drive-train issues in the past, (you would not believe what a minor leak in the HICAS power steering assembly can do). OEM replacement rear shocks at $260 each plus $50 freight from rAdelaide.
  2. This is almost certainly a repeat, My Black ARX fOuR needs new shocks, is very black ;) No one stocks or sell...OEM import or otherwise, there was some interesting convo back in the day but it does not seem to hold up on how/when/where to source parts in 2020. Yes, I will pay for coil-overs, but where the fark do I find a compatible set?
  3. Sorry for your woe bro. Some people are just $#!+ through and through. Hope you get through it ok. Sent from my LG-H850 using SAU Community mobile app
  4. My Stagea looks in similar nick to that WRX with the spiderwebbing. I'd be most keen to learn how you get your results.
  5. I'm interested in swapping out my cloudy and mostly knackered lenses on my 02 Stag. I've seen it done but was hoping for some direction and information on locating and whether there are a set compatible with HID lamps. 頑張ってうまくやっている
  6. Nope...why? I have Pi and it sounds rational.
  7. Aawww yissss....what sorcery is this? For deals tho....how do I do?
  8. Not really that new but thought I would share... In trying to nail down a front end wheel shudder I have: Replaced my front end tyres...with some nice Pirelli sticky stuff. All wheels balanced and a four wheel thrust alignment. These needed doing anyway...so nothing lost. Had two garages look at the issue.... Then the lads at Sinergy located a hydraulic leak in the high pressure hose feeding the power assist on the steering rack...this had allowed some air to bleed in and mess with the ECU's idea of what direction the wheels ought to be pointing. Scary as hell when the shuddering began and took ages to pin down. So just to say thanks in helping me keep my Stagea straight, I wanted to pay the knowledge forward (b3cause it cost me). Shoutout to the lads at Sinergy for the straightforward approach and assistance. Adelaide in South Australia 2002 ARX four 2.5t AWD ...stock for now
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