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  1. Well that will push the scrap price of Honda Concerto's up at least $50.
  2. Hah sure Johnny, that's what they all say! But I will check the parts dept, don't have a pedal but have bolts and a flex plate somewhere, will search and P.M.
  3. And he probably drank that coffee that goes through a Civet's bum at USD750/kg. Us peasants use name brand filters at the best price. I also use 15208-55Y0A got a shrink wrap pack of 10 a few years ago for practically nothing from the local stealer.
  4. None of the manuals show disassembly, because the parts are not available individually. But old mate's problem is he took it apart without taking pictures and is unsure if its assembled correctly.
  5. Nissan Stagea Rb25 Neo IACV clean on youtube
  6. And include the price when you buy it, I checked some years ago, and it cost an arm and a leg, MY advice is clean it again and ensure its reassembled correctly
  7. Go to Amayama parts catalogue online and use your chassis number, this will give you the ECU p/n fitted at factory.
  8. I have some prime Rocking horse sh#t and a collection of hens teeth for sale, p.m. me I think you are just the buyer I need.
  9. Aw, come on mate, its priceless when a bloke asks if a GTR posted 15 years ago, is still for sale (for $40K)
  10. Nissan part number 23300-AA300 available ex japan via Amayama around about 1k.
  11. No, there are many discussions regarding aftermarket gauges, just have to trawl through them mate. The consult connector is for diagnostics, usb conversion cables are available.
  12. Any RB25 R32,R33, will fit the sumps and blocks are the same. Don't overthink it.
  13. Thats pretty normal actually. What you have to watch for, Check your coolant reservoir after a run and the car is hot, if the level is high or overflowing, you have a compression leak from HG.
  14. Plenty of good Subaru forums, why ask here?
  15. There are some good guides for prep on YouTube. Wax and grease remover use before starting any work, use before and after sanding and use a plastic etch primer if you're using cans Septone make one I've used.
  16. just check Gumtree there is one being wrecked in Woollongabba https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/woolloongabba/wrecking/parting-out-r32-skyline/1275703938
  17. Its what I have used for Four Cylinder Subaru's for years. Some Guys I worked with just go directly to 150 ft-lb as this definitely gets the angle past 65 degrees. Up to you bud, heaps of luck.
  18. But the simple way is just go to the R33 GTS page at GTRRegistry and all the details same as FAST are there.
  19. This is the factory procedure; 13.Crank Pulley A: REMOVAL 1) Remove the V-belts. <Ref. to ME(H4SO)-36, REMOVAL, V-belt.> 2) Remove the crank pulley bolt. To lock the crankshaft, use Shop Tool 499977100 CRANK PULLEY WRENCH 3) Remove the crank pulley. B: INSTALLATION 1) Install the crank pulley. 2) Install the pulley bolt. To lock the crankshaft, use Shop Tool 499977100 CRANK PULLEY WRENCH (1) Clean the crankshaft thread using compressed air. (2) Apply engine oil to the crank pulley bolt seat and thread. (3) Tighten the bolts temporarily with tightening torque of 44 N·m or 33 ft-lb). (4) Tighten the crank pulley bolts. Tightening torque: 180 N·m or 132.8 ft-lb) 3) Check that the tightening angle of the clamp pulley bolt is a minimum of 65°, Perform the following procedures when less than 65°. (1) Replace the crank pulley bolts and clean them. Crank pulley bolt: 12369AA011 (2) Clean the crankshaft thread using compressed air. (3) Apply engine oil to the crank pulley bolt seat and thread. (4) Tighten the bolts temporarily with a tightening torque of 44 N·m (4.5 kgf-m, 33 ft-lb). (5) Tighten the crank pulley bolt an additional 65° to 75°.
  20. Just one other thing, its a common mod to bypass some of the heater water (Google it), it takes pressure off the core which can become blocked, I did it to both my daughters Subaru's as a preventative measure. Just add the double tee with a short piece of 5/8 hose between it, gives faster warm up, ensures flow to the thermostat, and seems to keep them cooler in traffic. The pic below is a Subaru probs not yours, but Subaru mark their hoses. I got the Tee's from Bunnings, cheap as chup's,Bro across the water.
  21. I do my own plastic welding, use a cheap as sh#t chinese welder off Aliexpress, I use good quality welding rods, and source patch pieces from other Nissan plastic bars. Then the repair is smoothed with flexible plastic filler available from repco. I have a collection of repaired R33 S1 and S2 and M bars which were discarded by their previous owners. I also make my own ABS filler paste, very easy and ingredients available from Bunnings.
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