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  1. I have sent you a copy of the R34 workshop manual all the info you need is in there, it has plenty of handy illustrations, hope that helps.
  2. Also to remove the shim just use a drill bit of the appropriate size reversed and gently rock the shim until it releases, its only the oil causing a small suction that holds it on.
  3. Yes Yes and Yes.Follow this advice and then contact Precision Shims Australia for great prices and great service (fast postage)they can even supply spring seats if you need them. Highly recommended.
  4. 290 RWKW last time dyno'ed in 2017.
  5. Are you talking about an Igniter cover, if so yes.
  6. Its rust mate, unless you have been driving on loose diamonds.
  7. Thanks Christian, I was just a cog in the wheel, Nori and Yoshi were awesome blokes and it was our efforts in the 1970's that led Subaru to create the factory Rally team that was so successful with the Legacy GT from 1980. The 1977 car was a Subaru GSR which was built at Ryde for the Southern Cross, I was told to head over to the car storage area and pick a "Good one in white paint, bring it to the workshop and disassemble it" We seam welded the strut towers and rear shock mounting area's,fitted roll bars, reassembled with Mag wheels. Then took it to Manly Repair Centre and used their Dyno to squeeze every drop of power out of the engine. The good ol' days.
  8. I remember the 1977 one, I serviced the Subaru 4wd driven by Yoshi Takaoka and Nori Koseki when it arrived in Sydney, I also was Yoshi Takaoka's service crew for the 1977 and 1978 Southern Cross Rallies, we built the cars at the North Ryde Headquarters of Subaru Australia. The distance covered by this car was over 30,000km. From memory we came 19th in a field of 70 cars there was 25 DNF's. The only Australian built car to finish was a Torana in 26th. A Datto 180B SSS beat us by one place.
  9. Although there are others who have done the conversion who have not used a restrictor. But I think they used a smaller diameter feed line. IMHO because I have tapped off a feed with a restrictor in the circuit above it the pressure would be right but perhaps the volume may be larger, which I figured wouldn't matter because there is restriction in the VCT valve itself.
  10. Its not 1950 mate, this sort of logic went out with old flexible cast iron cranks, today's oil is thinner and far better, Fifty years ago, "loose is fast" was a common belief. A low-viscosity oil will be squeezed over a greater area of the bearing surface when there is a tighter clearance. I built my 30 with main clearance of 0.038 and conrods 0.025. I would not go any where near Nissans max oil clearance. I had my crank linished not ground so had less control over clearances.
  11. I would attempt this method, vacuum doesn't need to be empty. just cut up a pair of the girlfriends/wifes pantyhose and use as a filter in the hose (vacuum hose not small hose)
  12. Agree with GTSBoy ,Nizmo Man just got lucky I reckon. This is what I found in an engine that came in for repair.
  13. I'm having a rum induced brain fart, just got a call from a mate who asked " what size socket are the 12 point nuts that come with RB25 ARP head stud kits. My bad memory is saying 1/2" 12 point, or is it 13mm 12 point, somebody help me i'm standing here looking stupid.
  14. BTW stick with metric measurements mixing in imperial conversions will do your head in (and mine)
  15. I used genuine Nissan bearings figured out the correct size then installed and checked clearance with plastigage. also have nitto oil pump drive, N1 pump and great oil pressure.
  16. I used clearances as stated by the factory (after all they built it first) here is RB30 manual page
  17. All good mate happy to help.
  18. Neo doesn't need restrictor so no for mine, but earlier models do need restrictor
  19. 1/16 NPT male-AN4 Turbosmart fitting used loctite to seal. Yes got the hose from ENZED can't remember how much but was less than $30.
  20. Its been running for a year, works perfectly. This method over 6mm of aluminium to thread through, just had to buy a new slim tap holder as mine was old and gigantic. This method the oil is directed exactly where the gallery leads to anyway. See picture 2 I aimed the drill hole at the centre of the gallery plug.
  21. apparently I am blowing smoke out of my arse, rbs30 started the post then lost interest. Hope it helps somebody out there
  22. The external feed line is neat and tidy.
  23. I did mine differently.Used a long jobbing drill, removed some of the deck for access. This way plenty of meat for the thread to grip
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