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  1. Yes, something like this, except this board Nistune type 4 won't work with your ecu.
  2. Its what you think it is, WGC34 Rb25de. Open it up does it have a daughter board inside?.
  3. I've sent you the manual, page 285 has the combined RB25de/25det ECU pinout. Only 2 wires different, boost control and fuel pump signal.
  4. Try the Tridon site, I have used the 10mm ones. TPE580 6mm Dia. TPE582 8mm Dia. TPE584 10mm Dia. TPE586 13mm Dia. TPE588 18mm Dia.
  5. My old BMW E36 came new with 7 year warranty on the Body. Its rust free after 25 years. Although the clear coat is falling off in sheets.
  6. Steve Verrocchi has moved on from plain theft to being a military imposter, he has been wearing a replica Victoria Cross, this is the lowest act from a fraud, Too cowardly to actually join the military, buys gongs on ebay. So its ANZAC day keep your eyes peeled for this arsehole and feel free to bash him before you call the police. There are only nine living recipients of the VC and (4) four of them are Aussies and one Kiwi. The last VC who died was Bill Speakman, he was a friend of my Dad in Korea.
  7. Simple, the Lady is trying to run to ground a scumbag called Steve Verrocchi, who was well known on this forum a few years ago, for ripping people off. Take your dickhead hats off for a moment and if you can help do so.
  8. Check around the fuel injector seats for leaks, also possibly an injector is leaking.
  9. RB25DET Neo Cam Gears? By Dyzzii, December 30, 2018 in RB Series - R31, R32, R33, R34 (1986-2002) Read this it sounds like a similar problem
  10. You know more than you think. The RB family are more than "alot a like"
  11. 20, 25,26, they are all the same, same procedure, same marks etc etc. But before you start replacing parts willy nilly diagnose the problem, no one has mentioned VCT they can make some horrible noises when they shit themselves.
  12. Yes, the inlet gasket supplied suits both engines, all else the same. You are overthinking this. But as GTSBoy said that FFP will make your N/A perform like a pig.
  13. Hey mate, you are the one who's first thought is of arse pain.
  14. Adult responses are always available, to those who bother to research, at least a little, first, Sarcasm is reserved for Oxygen Thieves. After all its a turbo charged straight six engine, NOT a Formula one conundrum.
  15. Sabine Schmitz sadly passed over the Finish Line, on the 16th March this year, After a long but unsuccessful fight with cancer. She was beyond awesome, 30,000 laps of the Ring and a true legend of motorsport. (Not a female legend, a LEGEND). It will be a long time before we see another Sabine. Watch this vid of her blasting from the rear thru the pack to the lead. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jYr3z5SG-h4
  16. AC Sine wave speed sender (the transmission speed sender) This type of sender, widely used in the 90s and early 2000's is simple and reliable but not infallible. It generates its own power and sends a weak AC sinewave signal to the speedometer by teeth spinning past a coil with 2 wires. The sender requires one wire to be grounded and the other is the signal. The wires can be reversed and the same result will work just fine due to the fact that the sender waveform is a simple sinewave. The downside is that due to the sender generating its own power by the speed of the reluctor wheel (teeth) it can often lead to an erratic signal at low speeds. Suggest you check the output with a very good multimeter or oscilloscope. Its all in the workshop manual. You cannot buy a workshop manual here.
  17. Nah, the signal from the gearbox sender is sent to the cluster the signal is converted at the cluster to the signal for the ecu and tcu. Rb25det does not work vtc in patrol gr By kike_kike, December 3, 2020 in Projects, Overhauls and Build-ups
  18. Thank you. I surrender I am going to watch the rain falling instead. Over and Out.
  19. I ordered both of my BMW's new without the standard sound system, because it was a piece of shit built to a price by Blaupunkt for BMW. I opted for a top of the range "REAL" Blaupunkt system. Put me down on your xmas card list as an unusual and interesting person, because like the bloke who ordered this UNICORN car I wanted my own choice of sound.
  20. The wet compression test confirms WORN rings. Turn boost up, wait for large clouds of white smoke, rebuild engine.
  21. Well if you need someone to help you obsess about a meaningless option delete, you need to speak to DiscoPotato he might need a rest from his meaningless obsession with oil filters.
  22. Thanks mate, I was wondering what those two Nissans were in my garage.
  23. So its a standard R33 gtst, not rare and you learned how to use GTR.registry, so not quite a total waste of oxygen.
  24. Because the Japanese customer was a cheapskate, or was an audiophile who wanted to customise .
  25. Yeah bro, we can all read the GTR registry, but its all speculation until he posts the VIN.
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