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    For a lousy 200cc, go for a RB30 and put some big girl knickers on.
  2. Rusty Nuts

    Thats what i have done, you dont need the heater in OZ.
  3. Rusty Nuts

    RB 20de or det same same
  4. Yes thats a right hand window regulator motor assy for all 33 models
  5. Its not just a motor buddy, the part with four screws that attaches to the regulator is a reduction worm drive gearbox, the worm being integrated into the armature of the motor.
  6. The brushes crap out in these motors and are not replaceable, the armature segments short out, the gearbox jams when the bushes wear out. The regulators are pretty bulletproof, just make sure the spring is correctly installed assisting the motor to lift the glass. When mine shat themselves I found that short wheelbase Patrol's used the same motors and replaced mine with these. Also the relays in the control box overheat and become useless ( they are old after all). Many possible causes and impossible to internet diagnose.
  7. go to the PLMS Developments website, Ecutalk cables are currently out of stock. but Ecutalk software is free.
  8. My mate called me round to look at his N/A stagea it started blowing white smoke. He swears it didn't overheat. It has the Y shaped intake runners which stretch right over both valve covers, I removed this to make it easier to remove the igniters and plugs for a compression test. When the throttle body and runners were removed there was a large amount of coolant in the plenum. Dried this off and conducted compression test all cylinders were good. The engine idles fine and drives fine, I'm thinking IAC valve coolant chamber failure or throttle body coolant pipe failure. ANYONE come across either of these failing before. Intelligent suggestions would be much appreciated (and yes I can bypass them) i'm looking for past experiences. Thanks in advance.
  9. Rusty Nuts

    Yes, not needed in sunny queensland
  10. Got it in one mate, fu.king dishonest oxygen thieves
  11. Rusty Nuts

    Solved, IAC valve coolant chamber failure allowing coolant into plenum.
  12. Case on point, a large national suspension company, recently quoted my daughter, $1800 to replace the steering rack and pump on her liberty as they were " completely shot" she brought it to me and I replaced the mounting rubbers $30. adjusted pump position $0 , steering problems solved.just another useless badly trained brain dead grease monkey
  13. Then they just aren't doing it right, the world is full of useless badly trained brain dead grease monkeys.
  14. Tell your idiot tuner to take his Bum Beanie off and learn his job properly, why the hell would you even listen to such bullshit.
  15. Rusty Nuts

    Join Infinitihelp forum and get the wiring diagrams for your car.
  16. Before you buy another engine, pull the head off your compression problem could be just valve related (ie sticking valve) or simply head gasket, diagnose first, spend money second.
  17. Don't know who "they" are mate i'm just stating the facts, I personally would not run a Rb26 with no lower bolts connecting the gearbox to the engine for obvious reasons, I also don't see why you would bother, I would sort out your current configuration
  18. RB26 does not have lower mounting points for gearbox cast into the block, the 26 has the gearbox mounting points in the sump. The RB25 uses two pressed steel mounts that bolt to the block and gearbox
  19. If you want to confirm the casting numbers they are the 6th, 7th, and 8th numbers in the Part No. ie R33 RB25det part. no. 1104075T00 R33 RB25de part no. 1104075T00 R34 RB20det part no. 11040AA000
  20. Rusty Nuts

    Hardly,Boxer was worked to near death, then sent to the knackers yard
  21. Rusty Nuts

    Boxer said "If Comrade Napoleon says it, it must be right", and you know who you are Comrade.
  22. Rusty Nuts

    This thread is a Re-Release of George Orwell's "Animal Farm" starring all the usual suspects.
  23. also R33 & R34 de and det blocks are all 75T blocks. R33 GT4 uses a 23U block it doesn't need the lower gearbox mounts.
  24. If it ain't broke don't fix it. just about covers it.