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  1. Will the sedan r34 fenders fit on a coupe?
  2. Clearly some ink, not a fan? f**k off hahaha
  3. Alright so, as you guys know I have a r34 gt and wanting to turn it into a gtt no I do not want to sell it and buy a gtt even if it’s the better option I have a custom colour and want to keep it. Just need to know if it’s worth just putting a turbo in or buying an rb25det and slap that in its in the shed ready to be done up as I got another car as my daily and I have a good income. if anyone could list what I’ll need to do this if you can provide please do so! Thanks legends!
  4. Hey guys my speedo is not working sits on 0 then when going around 60 goes to 20 not sure what this cable is and where it connects
  5. Another r34 tail light led short ive installed led tail lights into my r34 today but only the brake light works when i step the brake, the rest of the time they stay off, ive opened the fuse box and replaced the fuse but it keeps blowing. right now all my dash lights dont work along with my park lights. come here for help!!
  6. r34 25gt n/a good cooling system *Help* Alright so i was just wondering if anyone out there could help me, running a rb25de neo and wanting a good cooling system to increase power by a little, I've searched around but haven't seen a straight answer? any tips Cheers, Bucki
  7. Bucki

    ooo very nice just another question i wouldn't have a clue if you know this or not but say if i was to buy this bonnet would it come like that? with the grills like it has in the picture? http://www.maxtondesign.eu/produkt/skyline-r34-gtt/bonnet-nissan-skyline-r34-gtt.html
  8. Bucki

    Yeah im sticking with that was just getting a rough idea on body kits! Thanks for the help!
  9. r34 25gt bodykit help Hey guys just wondering if this would fit on my r34 25gt? http://www.bodykits.com/i-24303099-nissan-skyline-vis-racing-v-spec-full-body-kit-99nsr34gtrvsc-099.html?ref=category:1264719
  10. Bucki

    Sounds like a good idea to me! Any suggestions on good suspension? and pads? Really do appreciate the help guys thanks alot!
  11. r34 25gt auto Hey guys just coming into my p plates (reds) and for my first car i got a r34 25gt i know its and auto an non turbo not that great but for a first car i thought id buy it and because i love my skylines! currently 17 and an apprentice diesel mechanic saving for a skyline r34 gtr for off my p's So lets get to it! Its RWD Has sports transmission 5 speed Wanting to boost up some hp on it not wanting to spend more then 5k What would be some decent mods to do to the engine etc..! Thanks guys!
  12. R34 Manual Conversion Part list? Hey guys new to these forums but looks like i can get help from here! wanting to convert my r34 from an auto to manual. Wanting to know a list of parts that ill need to do this project. and what parts are better eg r33 or r34? because i've seen posts of people using r33 parts for there projects working and all but will it matter having r33 parts in the car because id prefer all r34 parts so its not all jumbled up. Thanks guys!