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  1. Hi guys. I saw many threads about this similar problem, but the diffrence with them all is the fact that mine does the sound only when it gets warm instead of cold. It sounds like someone was holding a small zip-tie against a fastly spinning bycycle wheel spokes. has sort of "plastic" sound to it, so it's not the lifters. I can hear it when it idles but when driving normally, other noises kill it. It can be heard in the car when accelerating harder. It appears to be coming from driver side of the engine. To me it feels like its coming from the side of the engine, but there's nothing there to be causing this? It'ts not injector tick, as that can be heard separately. I tried describing my issue as detailed as i could, hopefully someone has a clue. Something simple to check before i start pulling major things apart? Thank you.
  2. R34 gtr conversion So as many before me and probably many after, I'm planning on changing my gtt into gtr cosmetically. I want to use only original parts, and this is becoming a headache. I've tried Google for weeks and simply can't really source much. Can someone point me to japanese wreckers sites? Google only appears to find local Japanese car wreckers, not the wreckers that are actually in Japan and deal with gtrs, if there is any. Or alternatively, i might want to get a quote on new details, if they even produce and sell those anymore. So please, who can please help me on this... Somewhat impossible quest.
  3. R34 triple gauges not working Hi. So a few days ago I had to replace my cars heater core (please do consider taking your car to the workshop instead if yours starts leaking!! Wouldn't want my worst enemy to go through this). Anyway, all good and started putting it all back together. As I had to pull out the dash, I unplugged everything attached to it. Now, after I put it all back, the middle gauges are not working. The plug is in there nicely, so I'm wondering if there is anything else there I might've missed? Before I start pulling it all apart again, maybe there is a simple fix that I missed. Before that the middle gauges light was flickering from time to time, caused by a loose bulb. Only thing I did was fit the bulb back in properly and that's it. The reverse camera is also not working now but that's aftermarket and I'm sure it's just a loose plug. And while I'm here asking questions, maybe someone could tell me the color of the wire I should tap the subwoofers remote to? Thanks.
  4. Plan is to ship the car with heaps of parts. They are quite cheap in au but if I were to order them from Estonia, would cost me tons of money
  5. That's what Estonians do as well, if they can't get it registered I'm Estonia. Rules are not as bad there. But I want to get the car registered to Estonia
  6. What parts does R34 share with other Nissan of its era. Well, title says it all pretty much. I'm planning on taking one R34 gtt to Europe. Since Europe has all those stupid regulations (I.e you have to have e4 tag on every light the car has and other weird stuff) I was wondering how many parts can I "borrow" from European Nissans to make my car legal there. Main things I'm concerned about are the lights (all of them, up to number plates) and seatbelts (rear as well). But would like to know about other parts as well. 300z is something, that can be found in Europe. Maybe some parts from that car match the R34? Sorry, if this has been discussed already. I found a topic about matching parts across different skylines or Skyline vs 300z but nothing on Skyline vs other "regular" Nissans. Thank you in advance!