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  1. @hardsteppa yeah I contacted them and they said all because of the air bag yadda yadda the can't do a seat belt for me.
  2. @hardsteppaare ypu able to help with a link, I cannot find anything on my google only ebay for passenger side.
  3. Just wondering how and where to find new seat belts or if any one has successfully used another type, belt is retracting slow only when it gets to the stage of the buckle weight being lifted. Has any one successfully replace with after market ones, I have a r34 gtt 1998.
  4. Sorry guys I should have specified what was in the way and what was stopping me.
  5. Sorry I havent been on... it was my plenum giving me grief there was 1 sneaky bolt I missed I'm just currently putting it back together
  6. Hey guys after months of searching and to no avail could only find instructions for an rb25det and not the neo I'm having trouble removing fuel rail/injectors does and one have a step by step guide or can summarize how to do this with the neo. There was a few differences with the neo and standard rb25det and I'm needing help. Thanks in advance.
  7. Hey man any ideas on where I can by one.... mine are glued in unfortunately
  8. Coil packs replaced and new plugs again bcpr7es 0.8mm problem still exists should I be looking at injectors and cas as I have both problems still rough misfiring idle and timing wont time properly. Or do I give up and take to Nissan?
  9. Sorry to bring this up I had the exact same problem tonight just as I ripped out the turbo timer in a Woolworths carpark lol I found it to be an earth in the engine bay had the exact same symptoms hope this helps anyone later.
  10. Ok man thanks... I know it's a problem that I have induced... so do I set the cas back to centre disconnect TPS and try from there.... I know the base idle and everything has been messed with as heaps of people on the south coast has had a stab with no success.
  11. Im having problems getting the car timing I can only get close to 15degrees and the car is missing and popping replaced timing belt put all at tdc tensionerd belt correctly and can only get 15 degrees when maxing out the cas also the consult which I purchased from Stahl car says it's at 0 degrees then fluctuates from 5 to 10 is there anyone that can help or have had this issue resolved I'm at my wits end I'm on the south coast nsw and no decent shops to figure out this problem. Spark plugs have also been changed and are gapped a 0.8mm I dont know anymore.
  12. I've pulled timing covers off to discover a loose timing belt and a broken tensioner I've put it on the hoist and pulled it down I'm hoping replace belt tensioner pump and seals and reset ecu start timing procedure again. Then back to hunt for misfire.
  13. Ok where do I start. I have a 1998 Nissan Skyline R34 GTT ot recently had an issue with a phantom misfire I tried to locate and bought a consult fixed pending codes and cleared ecu for code 55 all clear. Next on inspection we checked the timing using the consult which originally displayed 15 degrees fluctuates 14-16 then we went to put every thing back together and move on to plugs and coils but I thought I'd run consult again to which nothing was moved but timing on consult said below 10 but timing light says normal. I cant adjust anything to bring up timing on consult I have read the workshop manual which we have here but still nothing and I'm doing as requested. Can anyone here help me or point me into a direction where someone can... thank you guys
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