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  1. I got the 1P GT5s in bronze, which is actually the same wheels that the yellow skyline in the linked discussion has. They're quite nice in person. I've test-fitted the 18x10 +38 on the rears and it fits flush on my 4-door R34 compared to the way it fits on the yellow skyline, most likely because of the flared fender.
  2. I used the offset calculator and it says that with the 18x9 +30 wheels the clearance from the strut housing to the inside of the wheel will be 5mm less, and the outside edge of the wheel will extend an extra 21mm. I bought the wheels from JDM Concept's website
  3. Thanks for the replies guys. The website I bought my wheels from is offering me a large discount on two new wheels and it seems like my only option is to buy new sizes. will 18x9 fit? Offset options are +38 and +30
  4. My current wheels have cracked so I've finally bought a new set of wheels that I've eyeing for a while. Problem is, the wheels are apparently too big. My current wheels are 18x8 (+38) on the front, and 18x9 (+22) on the rear. My new wheels are 18x10 (+38) all around, and while the rears fit just fine the fronts are hitting the J arms with no space to spare whatsoever. I've put a 10mm spacer to test how much space I'd get and estimated that I'd need another 10-15mm to get the same amount of space between the wheel and the J arm that my 18x8 wheels have. But even without the spacer the wheels stick out past the fender by 25mm, and adding 20-25mm spacers will make it poke out far too much and be too obvious for cops to pull me over and defect me. My only solutions at the moment are 20-25mm bolt on spacers, and also possibly adjustable camber arms to adjust the camber just enough so that the poke isn't that obvious. Is there anything else I can do about this? The wheels can't be returned or exchanged. It's just the two front wheels that are the issue.
  5. Changing R34 4-door tail lights Hey guys, this is my first post on SAU, so I apologize if I've done anything wrong. So, I'm wondering if it's possible to change the inner-circle of the smaller tail light on the R34 4-door so that it matches the inner-circle of the larger tail light. Would I have to buy new tail lights, or is there a DIY solution I can use? I've included a picture of my tail lights. Basically, I just want the one of the left to look just like the one on the right. Thanks.
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