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  1. Is there a nipple for the diff? Where is it located? I will try it with engine running,
  2. R33gtr V-spec attesa Hej guys! I need some help with my R33GTR V-Spec 95' A month ago i got my clutch changed, and now Im struggling to bleed the attesa system. The things i know is: 1.where the pump nipple is located 2. Where the transfercase nipple is located I know that I'm supposed to set the pump in bleeding mode but i find 2 connectors at the footwell 1 Brown and 1 White. I don't notice any changes when idisconnect Witherspoon of them. And last, the rear diff nipple, I found one but it was bleeding diff oil not ATF, so I'm stuck. And will the lights (4wd,ABS,a-lsd) dissappear when everything is in order? When I start the engine they dissappear for almost a second but then lights up again //greetings from Sweden
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