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  1. #Brazzers No haven't played with the pedal adjustment, comparing it to my friends measuring the length of the thread thru the nut on the brake pedal assembly mine sticks out 5.2mm and his is 5.1mm with a bit of error in measurement due to the difficulty of getting the vernier in there it is the same. If you think it will fix it might give it a shot tonight look up a tutorial now.
  2. Yes definitely, no air in master cylinder at all.
  3. Is the same man, no change. Put mine in his car and its perfect.
  4. All brand new, was doing it with the old 60% worn ones but decided to make sure wasnt the issue either.
  5. Hi guys having major problems with the brakes on my r33 skyline gtst non abs. There is no leaks at the calipers, master cylinder or anywhere on the brake lines everything is solid. With the engine off you pump the brakes 3 times they sit high and hard with no pressure drop if you apply consistent pressure (Master Cylinder is 100%) Once you turn the engine on, the brake pedal drops to half travel if you put a bit of pressure on it and the braking doesnt feel the best. I cannot for the life of me think what is wrong, I have swapped out the master cylinder and brake booster from my friends 33 which has great pedal feel. Has been properly bled 3 times there is literally no bubbles in the system at all. Manual bleed, vacuum bleed, reverse pressure bled. Bought 2 metres of clear line and made sure there was no bubbles it is definitely bled right it is driving me crazy. Thank you.
  6. I agree with this, however the tuner recommended a MLS headgasket and has already placed the order so I am stuck with going with it now. Ended up pulling the head off, did have a minor leak in the gasket incase anyone reading this in the future. Horrible job to get the head off not fun at all.
  7. Hi guys, I am looking at rebuilding my R33 GTS-T gearbox. There must be someone here who has done it or at least a good write up because of how popular skylines are. I have found the factory manual for the r32 gtr by searching on these forums, from reading there are people who say its nearly impossible without the right pullers and others who say its simple. I have a 50 ton press at work and some simple snap on bearing pullers. Does anyone know where you can buy the synchros, bearings, shift forks and whatever else may be necessary to take out this rebuild? My local nissan dealerships are impossible to deal with, don't even know what synchros are and a technician I spoke to who found the parts by looking up the VIN said be looking at a 2-3 month wait and the prices were through the roof ($1100 +GST for bearings, synchros and a spacer!). Local shops quote me $1800 + parts too, very costly. Second hand box not an option as by this age would be in similar condition. Thank you.
  8. Hi guys, I took my R33 to be tuned. The Tuner didn't end up tuning to a suspect headgasket leak after overheating. He said it pressurised the overflow bottle with coolant and has a constant stream of bubbles when trying to bleed the cooling system. I tried to bleed the cooling system myself and there are some bubbles after 500km of driving it so no air should be present especially after a fair few heat cycles. But not a constant stream maybe a couple bubbles every minute or so. Does this sound like blown headgasket? If so, can I get away with resurfacing the head, putting a MLS headgasket on and ARP headstuds? Can anyone confirm if you can take head off without taking cams out and reinstall it with cams in and fit the arp head bolts in? Can someone link me to an engine manual I can either buy or download? Much appreciated, can't wait to get car back on road. Thank you.
  9. Worth tuning R33 Series 2 Recently purchased my R33 Series 2. It has "120,xxxkm" probably double that. I want to tune my car to 250-280rwkw. But I have been warned being a 20 year old engine and unknown previous condition it is not worth the cost. It will cost about $8k to tune it to this power level. What should I be looking out for and is 280 rwkw considered "safe" should I be looking at the gearbox for issues with this power level especially the clutch I'm guessing? Right now car is stock running 7psi.