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  1. Getting Old

    Hi Jason, The experts that offered the bargain prices all telephoned. I accepted your advice and if you check my conversations the last discussion was in April this year where I asked $10,000. In fact I think that was the price I have asked for quite a while. Regardless of what your estimation is or was I will not sell for less than that. The best offers have been under $5000. I was trying to sell an asset due to my wife being terminal, and I wanted money to spoil her. She has now passed away so the need is gone.You can question the validity of my statement. It won't change any fact or what I know occured. The previous owner has advised me that the seats were changed as was the transmission. Apart from those items the vehicle is original. To restore it correctly I will be chasing seat frames or complete seats and a five speed transmission. I will use what I have if these items are not available. Thank you for your help and assistance.My criticism was not aimed at you. Regards Mike
  2. Getting Old

    Hi Blue. The passionate guys I did speak to from the Prince club were all happy to tell me the car was only worth a few thousand due to the cost of restoration. Mind you the cost of components,If I were to wreck it, would be greater than my asking price. I came to the conclusion that the only way to get the true value for the vehicle was to restore it. Top to bottom. Thanks for your input but the experts all seem to be more passionate about scoring another bargain rather than actually giving any real advice. That's why I have withdrawn it from the market. Regards Mike
  3. Getting Old

    I have decided to restore the Prince myself. It is no longer for sale. Thanks for the help in trying to establish a value.
  4. Getting Old

    Hi Hayden, yes it is still available and I live in Adelaide.
  5. Getting Old

    Hi. No I didn';t obtain a price. Best guestimates were between 5K and 15K.I had numerous offers at the lower mark. The death of my wife stopped my wish for an immediate sale. It is still available but I still won't consider the lower end of the range.
  6. Getting Old

    Thanks Leroy, I didn't realise they were still available in Japan. Not to worry. I have a bloke interested in mine at a fair price. Thanks for your effort
  7. Getting Old

    Thanks for looking Liam, That is a different vehicle. Mine is a Prince Skyline. The predecessor to the Nissan Skyline. Regards Mike
  8. Getting Old

    Hi Christian, I have owned it for 33 years. I only drove it twice. Then pulled the motor and box out to start restoration. I still love it. Especially because it is all still there. Matching numbers. As a restored vehicle that would add value I think. I have the same old story. Got busy with work and work on the Prince just stopped. Now I don't have the energy.I also have a series 1 RX7 that is almost fully restored. Selling that as well. Health issues. Thanks for the comments
  9. Getting Old

    Prince GTB Value Hi everyone, I am new to this so please be patient. I own a Prince Skyline S54BE-3. It is original with matching numbers. The wheel flairs were ruined by the previous owner. I had always intended restoring it but left it too long.Hence my name. Everything is there except for the standard wheels and one LH guard lamp. Motor, Gearbox and Weber pack have been garaged on a pallet since I purchased the vehicle. I want to sell the vehicle but have no Idea f what it is worth. Can anyone help.