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  1. Update same car same tune just different dyno [emoji6]
  2. Even mark said that if i was to go onto another dyno any where else I would see over 400 easily at the wheels. I'll wait for a dyno day and give it a try. Anyway its been a week since getting it back and its still hard to get used to the way it comes on boost.
  3. I agree that something isnt 100% how ever i do trust the tune. I have also had thoughts about the PFC being old tech and would like to go to something like a Haltech. The tuner said that it would be my next step among other things if i wanted to get more power and remove the AFM.
  4. I think thats theres a lot more too it then just the AFM getting close. I will have to have a chat to the tuner and find out what other things where happing while it was being tuned. I do remember him saying that the coils may have had issues but i am running the splitfire one's could also have been the coil module. Spark plugs could have also been letting it down although they had just been replaced. Also the weather temp this day was in the 35+ degrees so this is also a big factor to the out come of the HP. I am very happy with the way it drives on and off boost. I fully trust the tuner and he has been doing it for a long time his dyno is known to read lower then other dynos. How ever when I get a chance I will put it onto another dyno for a power run to see what it is. On another note here is a few pic's of the dump pipe.
  5. I wanted simplicity of not needing the external gate setup.
  6. looks like it held up no issues. It was previously a track circuit car the suspension is still setup for it and other things on the car.
  7. Looks like mine did about the same. I wont be able to go to E85 there is no where close to fill up. Over here in W.A we only have 6 servos that sell it in Perth metro. I was advised that I'm now restricted by the AFM and the exhaust manifold. I was only aiming for 15psi but as I have found out this turbo loves the boost.
  8. results ! conservative tune as I have now maxed out the AFM time for a map sensor setup to take it to the next level. Im also going to need a new boost gauge as that has maxed out too. Im very happy with the results and how it drives on and off boost. It will how ever take time to get used to driving with this new setup. C-Red did a amazing job with everything.
  9. I can never find any solid information regarding this turbo and the RB25Det. So in the next few days I will be having one fitted to my car and tuned. Dyno sheet will be uploaded as well. My mods are, GARRETT GT3076R-56T G2 TURBOCHARGER T3 INTERNAL WASTE GATE TURBINE HOUSING 0.82A/R AEROFLOW BILLET EFI FUEL RAIL NISSAN RB25 Aeroflow 100psi oil filled gauge Bosch 1000cc top feed Turbo smart FPR800 Walbro 255HP pump Relay mod for the pump and earth mod Splitfire Coils NGK BCPR7ES-8 FFP Front mount intercooler K&N air intake Z32 AFM Apexi power FC with hand controller Autometer boost gauge exhaust is 3" straight through with 1 rear muffler Internal mods unknown *Note engine bay photo is a before photo. After photo to come with dyno sheet update Factory fitted sunroof, GTR wing, N spec body kit, front and rear strut braces, coil-overs and more. It's only done 125,000 kms not bad for a 1994 model.
  10. last time i checked you have done some weight reductions havent you ?
  11. martin you should update your profile pic its bit out dated
  12. Hi everyone I'm trying to get hold of @paulr33 As i would like to ask him some questions about his tune. Cheers Shoey
  13. For the others who are interested it will be late July
  14. I joined this forum under the impression that you lot like to go out with your cars to enjoy them. Oh how wrong was I now that being said what is it that you lot fear the most. A paint chip or someone else enjoying your car after they pry it out of your cold dead hands. Ffs let's get real we have nice cars but don't want to have fun with them or put kms on them. Go Join the vintage club and dust collection. This is what really f**ks me off people having nice cars who refuse to use them what they were intended for.
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