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  1. yeah one at greenslopes is self serve or self wash
  2. Yeah thats still there just up from greenslopes shopping center opp' birdwood st, I forgot all about that one
  3. There is a good high pressure touch-less auto wash at the BP on the top end of corro drive just past Toowong shopping center, take me car in it all the time works a treat not cheap @$18 for the top wash
  4. some ones got to keep the train rolling :(
  5. Oz


    yeah sorry, josh is right the mod plate is what i call the blue plate and yeah u need to go get the ctp sorted before going to DOT's so u don't need a day pass to take the car from the mechanics to the DOT's center + that way u can pick who u want ctp to be with
  6. Oz


    yeah, but from what my bro just said they didn't want it 4 the wagon they just got the numbers off the plate but take it any way just in case...
  7. Oz


    my bro has 2 cars with a 1j, one is in his hilux pushing over 700 at the treads its a very interesting drive full 5 link arse end and a big HKS single on it
  8. Oz


    well thats how it was about 5 yrs ago any way
  9. Oz


    just the slip u get when u have the blue plate done, its so DOT'S know who the person is and there inspection/engineers station number
  10. Oz


    yeah thats about it just need your engineers slip (aswell as the above) for the motor and if you have changed it from auto to manual that will also need to be mod plated.
  11. D.O.A. Whoretown Whoretown is th3 Fail Train remember the days when 50 pages would be whored over in 1 day
  12. random hello to all just passing through :)
  13. lol check out the gear box tunnel clean break not even one spot weld tore as for the fire wall look to the left of the dog chain the silver bit top to bottom is the fire wall, if its done thats where is will be done & can = rebirth or wreck repair 2 cars to make one
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