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  1. Still chasing bbs rs 261s Singles or sets.
  2. Once again thanks for your help. but i'm chasing adaptors not opinions. So i'm still looking to the rest of the members here
  3. Hi Lads and Ladies, Picked up these hks cast dumps. But cannot seem to find any information om them anywhere. They are to fit a 32 gtr. But when I sat them next to a set of cast nismo dumps (pictured - the nismos are the blasted set )the bolt pattern that mates to the turbo hot side is different. Obviously an older style turbo or something? Ive never seen another set like this in hks brand. Can anyone shed any light or information on them? Thanks
  4. Still searching for single pairs and sets of bbs rs261s! Let me knownwjat you have please
  5. That or i could return the car to the condition i would like to see, and have it in. I wasnt asking for advice on what you think is best for me and my car. I was wanting to buy the standard headlight adaptors. Cheers though
  6. Found a set! Found two in fact. Chasing more if possible. Anyone else have any
  7. Hey all Looking for a pair of late model 32 gtr bulb adaptors for projection lights. My xar came imported with hids and i cant stand them. But the adaptor was changed for their install. Will need to suit the h1 bulbs. Note. This is for my low beam.
  8. Hey sorry for the late reply. I did find a set the day after i posted this. However i know a guy potentially still chasing. Ill pm you for info. Thanks
  9. Hello all, I am chasing bbs rs 261 (9 x 17 - 20). I have one that i have purchased and am now looking for another 3. Hoping someone has one two or three laying around so i can complete my set. Condition does not have to be great as they will be restored. So long as there is no damage to the faces themselves. Gutter rash shouldn't be an issue. Waffle plates and hex caps are not a must. Just the basic rim. Of course ill pay for shipping, preference to the rims being located eastern side of Australia. Im located Regional NSW.. have searched the auctions, gummie and everything else consistently for the last few months. Thanks
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