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  1. It is, But... CAN bus, It's like... USB, if something compatible with USB, It doesn't mean what It will work with your system
  2. universal mean - 2DIN size, suit to ANY car with 2DIN stereo, not SkyLine
  3. you return to beginning ))) Language conversion include "free video" function without cut any wires, just programming thing.
  4. If your mira has RCA output, nothing to install, just plug everything in
  5. I'm in Auckland. Easier to give you an answer when I will know some more details about your vehicle. Cheers
  6. give me your chassis number and your mirabox manual or link where you buy it from. I'm able to help you 100%
  7. It's a little bit difficult to do, because I'm in New Zealand
  8. New Zealanders welcome! Some vehicle already done, others coming next. Samples video at YouTube available
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