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  1. Bump does no one know anything?
  2. Hi guys I want to get my gtt to z-tune style. I want to get the eastbear front bumber, z-tune style bonnet (knightracer), eastbear side skirts. Now to my questions: I want to know if I get the oem rear gtr quarters, gtr rear bumber and oem nismo z-tune wings would this fit all together or is there a problem? And where to get the wider rearlights covers ? Some advice from you guys would be nice. Because I was told by some guys that this combination would not work because the sideskirts from the East war kit wouldn't fit. And if this would be true can't I just buy oem side skirts for the gtr and the z-tune add-on? And I was told that the z-tune wings will not fit with the eastbear front but I can't see why. Is this true? Thanks for the help guy's
  3. Thegame1594

    r34 gtt speedo tachometer needed if someone got one spare pm me
  4. Thegame1594

    in the end it was a faulty Tachometer (meter control unit) that caused all of the above described problems
  5. Thegame1594

    ok thanks for you expertise great info
  6. hi i want to ask if there is some way to read voltages and do active tests like in the workshop manual described. Because we as normal user dont have the software or the hardware to do such things. Is there a way with another software that someone created or alternative devices for such things ? If it just works with oem nissan devices only it is ok too. i have found some oem devices for selling. But can i use the oem software like consult 3+ ? and do i need some licenses ? you can pm me if you know something would be nice to know. i have already a bluetooth consult device but it just scans for errors and shows rpm speed and such things.
  7. yes i used a dmm but there must be some voltage there was no voltage at all. But i think thats not the problem anymore there must be something other wrong
  8. hi i need to know where the tachometer drive signal comes from i think there is problem with my ecu but dont know exactly. I have 0 volts at pin 5 of the ecu where it should be apox 7.2 Volts i have added some useful info from the workshop manual. Maybe someone could help me to trace back the problem and where the signal source comes from. With a bluetooth consult device i can read RPM but the RPM gauge doesnt work anymore. Plus HICAS ABS TCS and SLIP lights and the mentioned parts all in fail safe function i think it is all related but cant proof it.
  9. Thegame1594

    I looked for the Abs tcs Codes and it spits out the following 84 Engine system component fuel condition 57 Battery voltage (low) 58 Throttlecontrol unit system or circuit for the corn- munication line between TCSIABS control unit and throttle control unit I have done a test on the throttle control unit and there are no errors so 58 is out of the list. And 84 I don't think so engine runs fine. But there is nothing I can do about 57 I think it is a voltage problem
  10. Thegame1594

    Ok thx will try it don't know if this will solve my problem
  11. Hi guys I need info on where to ground this one. Pictures attached It would be nice if you could post a picture yourself so I can see exactly I have to put this bastard
  12. my r34 gtt have some problems im trying do solve these There is no abs working and no tcs and the ecu tells me there are no errors. But the car doesnt shut down throttle even if it slips what could it be?
  13. Thegame1594

    Bump bump
  14. Thegame1594

    This part i dont get. Where i have to run the wires to? Cut the right wires from the harness and then bind the new cabels with the ones that i cutet from the harness together. Is my understanding right? And between the cabels i put the Diode thats what im understanding.