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  1. I know I know I know, this topic has been covered before, but not in enough detail I reckon. I have a crazy idea, grabbing all the turbo bits off the vq25det engine and whacking them on my vq35de. Some have said the turbo would be too small, but does that mean it just wouldn't make huge power or would actually just get blown to bits? And would a high flow turbo work better then? I'm not interested in huge power, just a nice little boost up from stock. Seems silly to spend 10k on a turbo kit, when vq25det setups are right there... Tell me I'm dreaming
  2. Turns out they don't exist anymore. Yippee
  3. Has anyone had any experience with Raptor supercharger kits on the VQ35DE? http://raptorsc.com.au/nissan/nissan-350z-350gt-and-stagea-supercharger-system/ I'm interested at getting some more juice out of the Stag and this looks promising. (que everyone saying I should've got the vq25det)
  4. Got the stock muffler/cat-back section off the 3.5L PM35. Should bolt up to the turbo models as well. Good for anyone wanting to go stock for selling their car etc. FREE Located 2203
  5. Price has been dropped to $1100 Show me a better deal for nice rims with almost new tyres, I'll wait...
  6. Got the stock cat back and springs/shocks (kinda shot) and swaybars with endlinks I need getting rid of. Located 2203 FREE
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