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  1. NicPM35

    Does that mean the rear weight of the car is now on the 2 small bolts holding the original shock in place? Assuming the spring is no longer in it's perch
  2. NicPM35

    Are you referring to the BC BR kit? Because that what I'm using. Maybe return them before installing if you want to go any lower than mine? Although I'm not sure if it'll be the same story, assuming yours is AWD rear anyway and uses coil on shock rear?
  3. NicPM35

    Spend the day fiddling with the rear BC coilovers. This is as low as I can get them without the shock almost being maxed out. Took out one of the locking rings and even the lower rubber mount. (dodgy yes I know) But any lower and the spring will literally fall out going over a bump. Anyone else have trouble getting real low on the rear with BC coilovers? The front seems to slam easy no problem
  4. Selling a set of RSR lowered springs. Postage on these bad boys costs more than the springs themselves, so save yourself a fortune and buy these off me! Only selling because I installed coilovers. Only been on the car for just over 6 months. Super easy install. Currently still have front springs on my old stock shocks, so if you were super lazy (like me) you could even just install the front shocks/spring as is. $200
  5. Finally got round to cleaning the wheels for some photos
  6. Whoops, I'm always good at that! $1500
  7. Selling a set of Vertini RF1.1 20/8.5 wheels with Kumho PS91 tyres 235/35 90%.Tyres were bought in March this year, and have been off the car since July. Only selling due to change of wheels.Tyres alone were $1400 new, so it's a very cheap option if you need new tyres and want to upgrade the wheels too.Only a couple small scratches, but nothing you can notice from a couple metres away. Happy for inspections.114.3, offset 45 Located 2203
  8. pics of the 20x8.5 Vertini wheels with 235/35 Kumho PS91 90% tyres. (although the tyres in pics are old and removed 235/30 I believe) $1500
  9. NicPM35

    Rears were a breeze. Fronts took a bit of persuasion with a jack and some other tools
  10. NicPM35

    Installed some BC coilovers on the weekend, and finally got round to fitting the rear 350z brembos. FYI 350z uses different rear brake lines to Stageas. Bought a set of steel braided lines for a 350z brembo setup, the fronts fit fine but the rears use a different connector to what the stagea has.
  11. Bump. Also now selling 20x8.5 Vertini rims with 95% khumo tyres. Pics to come
  12. Just noticed some leaking from the power steering rack when I had the wheel off. Not entirely old residue, there was a couple fresh looking drops on it. Haven't noticed anything weird with the steering yet, so assuming relatively fresh leak. Any thoughts on how to go about fixing this? It seems to be only surrounding that large bolt.
  13. NicPM35

    Looking for a guard roller or someone to roll my guards. Car is 2005 Nissan stagea, just need the rear guards rolled slightly. Located 2203
  14. NicPM35

    Cheers, I've figured that bit out. Totally voiding any insurance that I'm paying for and my safety probably too, but hey they look good right?!