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  1. Hey mate, was just wondering what grade bearings came out of your engine?, connecting rods and mains. I had grade 0 across the board. I was expecting to see graded bearings in there to match the blocks crank bore and crank journal and pin journal size stampings. Did you just replace with same grade bearings that came out or get the micrometers on it? Cheers
  2. I’ve only started tear down [emoji25]
  3. Hey Scotty, where did you weld your bung in? I’ve got your dump and catted front pipe, just wondering where best place for the Lc-2 would be, cheers
  4. Cheers for the heads up. Does the same apply for the mains? Oem only? What are you doing about piston and rings number 6? Do you have to replace in a complete set? I’ve read this thread about 20 times haha, so glad I’ve stumbled onto it. Also how good Is Nissan epc/amayama [emoji106]
  5. Did you go oem rod bearings? What was the reason you didn’t go acl for these also?
  6. Yeah I’m going down the same path (gfb g-force 3 and innovate lc2) as I’ve got an intense billet rs ready to go on. I’ve read overboost function needs to be set 10%higher than target boost, so maybe not enough reaction time hey!! Anyway, good job and I’m excited to see how you get on with it in the future.
  7. Hey mate, awesome post, great job on it all. How did you lean it out if you had the gfb g-force 3 with Wideband integration? Was it not set up or did it just not do what it was meant to do? Cheers man and I admire your commitment to press on, I woulda wiped my ass with it by now 😅
  8. the vertical movement in the subframe bushes is normal. ive recently fixed that with some whiteline subframe bushes. sod of a job but well worth it. plenty of extra road noise and vibration, but makes for a solid rear end.
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