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  1. Thanks heaps Jordy! Looks great! Also, pretty cool that you got your front lip from vivagarage haha, I'm actually planning to get the Spec E lip from them.
  2. Hey guys, just have a couple of questions. I'm looking to get a pair of Z-tune style side skirts and rear pods for R34 GTT from JSAI and just wanted to check if anyone has them? And if the rear pods are made to fit the factory rear bumper? Also, I came across JustJap which stocks Jsai parts. If i remember correctly, I think I have come across several posts on SAU about members having issues with getting their parts in a timely manner from one of these companies? I might be wrong, but hoping to get some clarification on any personal experience that you guys have had ordering from them. Thanks!
  3. Hey guys, Looking for a place in Melbourne that can respray my front and rear bar, and possibly a couple of other parts that I am looking to get. Not too fussed about location if they can do a decent job without charging an arm and a leg, but would prefer West of Melbourne. Thanks!
  4. Just in case anyone were to be in the same situation as me with not having a adapter for the Nismo wheel nuts, Project Mu sells an adapter for the Super Lock Nut 7 which fits perfectly. Only cost ~$40 with shipping from Qld. Got it the next day after ordering.
  5. Good to know! Now I've gotta decide between Racepace and Chequered!
  6. Mod please delete
  7. Anyone have experience with Race Pace in Bayswater?
  8. Rear diffuser for R34 GTT Hi guys, I've searched all over and I can't seem to find any places that sells carbon fibre rear diffusers for the GTT. Just wondering if anyone has one fitted to their car? Preferably on a stock rear bar. If so, would really appreciate some pictures of it, and also info on where to get them. Thank you!
  9. Give Stevo a message on fb or his mobile. Someone else on SAU recommended him when I was looking for an alarm/immobiliser, and I'd definitely recommend him too. His knowledge of imports is great, especially gtrs as he's owned a few over the years.
  10. I'm running a Mongoose M80S, has triple immobiliser and impact sensor. It cost me $580 supplied and fitted.
  11. ^^^^^ save the loan for the car that you wanna end up with!
  12. It really is up to you dude, but IMO, I suggest just getting a cheap daily that can get you from point A to B while you're on your P's, (in this case Uni). I had always wanted to own a Skyline for as long as I can remember, and when I got on my P's, I was deadset on buying one even if it was non-turbo. Looking back now that I have a GTT, I'm glad I didn't haha. Like someone else mentioned above, no doubt you're interested in performance, just wait till you're off your P's so your money goes into a car that you'll keep for a very long time. Those 4 years will go by really quick, trust!
  13. Ok now you guys are making me want to go to Chequered too... and seems like my 1hr each way is nothing compared to how far you guys travel lol
  14. Didn't realise you made a new thread for the pics! Thanks again for your help!
  15. Oh cool, be sure to let us know how your car goes on the dyno when you bring it to Chequered! Thanks for the reminder about getting it serviced first haha.