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  1. To re jump this post, i jave 265 rear rotors too... tried fittimg the 280 on my rears (r34 GT sedan) and absoloubtly squat of a fit... has anyone actually had luck with solving this from the above posts 4 years ago hopefully someone has an answer by now aha.... fk..
  2. MissGTR34

    Just needs mesh and the diffuser now
  3. MissGTR34

    Sorry for the late reply guys here check em out on fb.
  4. MissGTR34

    Very happy, they look after people, took some time because we ordrred a few parts from jap, but if ur just getting a spray will be reasonably quick and the work is really amazing, especially their candy colours. (Sort of thinking ill do the daily 34 there too, respray to a candy blue or purple)
  5. QM1 Respray mint ;) Just wanted to share my spray, Full QM1 Respray provided by DNS Autobody in packenham. Skirt extensions and rear pods to be fitted before i pick her up next week ^-^ 👌👍
  6. Genuine front diffuser to suit ztune bar Wondering if anyone knows a supplier to buy a front diffuser (full) in new or really good condition, ive tried ebay, nengun, sale groups. Not keen on jsai parts. Any ideas?
  7. MissGTR34

    Do u want actual carbon, or is fibreglass fine, heaps of them available thru viva, also if you get the gtr bonnet chances are it wont line up with ur gtt front bar
  8. MissGTR34

    That would be Ness, midnight purple vspec. Nice girl
  9. MissGTR34

    Haha couldnt agree more
  10. MissGTR34

    Cheers me too!
  11. MissGTR34

    Cant say ive seen u around, plus ive moved houses
  12. MissGTR34

    Yeah on my daily i have the AVH-X5800DAB i just earthed the wire just behind the unit worked well, (see pic) may be different on the newer model as u said, i saw the AV to ISO wiring harness too but the connection looked different to the one i had in my daily eventually i just had a friend wire up a new loom connector for me whilst i translated from the jap manual which coloured wire did what... aha... bit more concerned with the GTR though im a bjt more cautious dont want to fk up that wiring in any manner really.
  13. Have tried lol... i duno just thinking abput getting them re-fabbed
  14. Haha... i freakin hope not. Has anyone had any luck with gross carpet too btw? Best cleaners/deodorizer (feels like such a chick thread)
  15. I have a bad stain on the rear seat in my gtr, ive literally tried every cleaner, carpet machine etc.. anyone have a miricle? Cheers,