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  1. Hi all, Bought a shift knob yesterday and was just wondering the best way to install it. I know of the double vice grip method but has anyone actually broken anything from just twisting it off without using them? Purely asking as I dont have vice grips on hand at the moment, and people seemed to have gotten away with just twisting it. Thanks
  2. Hey everyone, was just wondering if I wanted to take my car to a skid/track day and want to save my good rear tires on my nice wheels, would it be possible to keep my normal 19/35/255 tires up front and run the stock 18/40-45/245 tires on the rear? Will this trip VDC? Is there a workaround? or would it just be better to swap all 4 to stock for skid day?
  3. I'm selling a brand new oil cooler kit if you're interested. PM me man
  4. Hi everyone, my car is making a weird noise after I turn it on from cold or shut it off warm. This leads me to believe it's and exhaust component of somebody expanding and contracting but please let me know what you think. Thanks Vid: https://youtu.be/4YONIj38dto
  5. Looks mint man, if you ever want to go for a cruise let me know. I know I have the bastard child of the skyline family but always down for a drive.
  6. Yep, full dereg and genuine kms, not worn out like a high km car, I'm going to drive it down to my mechanic tomorrow to see if he can mechanically check the pressure, its only a short drive and the car isn't making noises nor is it low on oil so should be ok i think. I'm leaning toward thinking its the sensor.
  7. Would that happen on such a low km engine, and it only happens for a second after I put my foot on the clutch while braking.
  8. might want to add, it only seemed to happen under heavy braking and depressing the clutch pedal
  9. 2004 V35, Oil light on under braking Hey guys, I just noticed this today, but under somewhat hard braking, my oil light came on. Now I checked the oil before and it seems full, and it was full about a week ago (will check again on cold engine tomorrow morning). The oil light only very briefly comes on, and goes away when stationary, it never comes on under accelerating, holding speed or normal braking, only hard braking, and if i hit the clutch when I do. The car is very low km (53000), and had all fluids changed at 52000kms, so I don't think it could be low. Any ideas? Thanks p.s. car is 04 V35 non rev up VQ35DE
  10. WTB: VQ Rev Up Airbox and Z tube Want to buy a rev up airbox and the Z tube for my v35, I'm also looking for the KN filter and a plenum space. If you have any of these parts let me know. Thanks
  11. I'm Interested, just got to get my car back from the body shop, PM me
  12. Check the last photo, it lists them as 5x100 as well, and there are 5 un-filled holes in the rest of the photos
  13. Wheels: 18in Volk CE28 multi studs 5x114.3/5x100 Seeing if there is interest in these wheels. They are perfect for track or street use, and fit most cars, attached are pictures of the state of wheels, minor curb rash as can be seen in photos, price negotiable. They are wrapped in Bridgestone Potenza. Only selling them as they look too small on the v35 in my opinion, otherwise perfect wheels. I will likely be selling sometime in June unknown width, offset and tire wear until the car arrives in Aus, will update interested parties with information. PM me if interested. Looking for around $2800 negotiable, but will swap for stock 350z or v35 18/19s plus cash my way. (or if you have it, a set of CR KAIs in 19inch) Can ship at buyers expense. TEXT AT 0426187495 Email: PM Me
  14. Which vlink adaptor do you use? Do you have a link to it? also, do you have pics of your setup?
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