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  1. Hey all after an r32 GTST fuel filler neck ASAP, got the car recently just got it registered was never told about the filler neck leaking, needless to say frist full tank nearly burnt the car down! in need of one ASAP will pay postage if i cant find one in vic pic of said neck
  2. Thanks mate i noticed the MZ had 4 stripes were as mine has 3 i dont know if that means its somthing else or not could just be witch car its for
  3. Hi all i recently purchased a 2 way diff i was told it may have been a nismo but going off the smooth finish on the center im guessing its not. the oval holes from the research ive done point to cusco but i cant seem to find any info or pictures that match. can any one help me with that? and if its a cusco is there any way to tell witch type RS etc so on
  4. allso looking for a good alarm installer in Melbourne If anyone has recommendations before i choose one
  5. ( vic) WTB R33 GTS manual gearbox/ starter loom RB25DE Hi all chasing a Manual Gearbox / starter loom for an R33 GTS Rb25de prefer S2, but will take an S1 harness too let me know if anyone has one.
  6. R33 Ecu help Required Hey everyone i recently Made a impulse Buy on an ecu for my R33 as my car is an S2 with an S1 Ecu and id rather have the right one in there. ok so the numbers 23710-17U60 ive looked and it for a 96 but it states "RB25DE MT F5 2WD+HI/2WD" what i thought was 2wd meaning rear wheel drive + HI meaning Hicas? But ive allso been told GTS's never had hicas? so can anyone give me a hand with this? thanks.
  7. VIC non turbo manual Speed Sensor R33 RB25 gearbox Hey all im after a Non turbo manual R33 speed sensor in vic if possbile.. if anyone has anything let me know ( N/a one is the short one in the pic)
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