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  1. SkyLine_Tyson

    The other one is in really bad shape body wise that’s why I’d like to swap them over and just sell the other one for cheap
  2. SkyLine_Tyson

    Hi my name is Tyson I want to ask a few questions about manual to auto swaps. So I am planing on buying a series 1 r33 that is manual turbo. Since I am on my p’s I have a series 2 r33 that really clean but it’s auto (N/A) and wanted to know if it would possible to just swap the auto from my series 2 to the series 1 am i able to switch the looms for both cars. or are the transmission looms to different between series 1 and 2?
  3. SkyLine_Tyson

    Does any one know how to disconnect or stop the beeping when you are in reverse or leave the key in the ignition?
  4. SkyLine_Tyson

    Hi i was wondering because i need a new 02 sensor are there specific one for the N/A RB25de or not?
  5. How Much Would Postage To South Australia Be?