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  1. Sorry to bring up an old thread however its the only one I could find regarding laws around going de-cat. After being unable to find any definite answers I thought id find it myself, s43a of the EPA Act 1970 pertains to operating a vehicle on the roads without the equipment required by regulations to reduce emissions. The current fine is 60 penalty units, 1 penalty unit equates to $158.57 in Victoria, bringing the fine to $9,532.20.
  2. yeah by the sounds of things I think ill just get a custom one made, thanks for the advice
  3. At the moment only has a TBE, front mount, highflowed turbo and splitfires, but the exhaust will be put together with the next round of parts which will be bigger injectors (thinking 750), Forward facing plenum and a Haltech plug-in so I can get a tune.
  4. Hey guys, My 33's exhaust is getting a bit old and I'm wanting to get a new system. I'm not sure whether to get one made or to buy one of the abundances of off the shelf systems online. There are a few systems for around the $1,100 mark on RHDJapan which seem okay, however I don't mind spending more on getting something made if that is the better option. Any opinions regarding whether custom is better, or some indication of what the best off the shelf system is? Thanks in advance
  5. Hi all, Currently doing a clutch on my s2 r33 and found that the throw out bearing that was in the transmission has some piece on it that the new one doesn't, now I obviously need to remove it but do i press it off and press it on the new bearing? Or have I been given the wrong bearing? Any help is appreciated, thanks
  6. Thanks for all the responses guys, big help
  7. Hey all, Looking to get an ecu in the coming months and am tossing up between adaptronic and haltech. The car is mainly used on the street and currently is running a highflow turbo, splitfires, z32 afm and forged pistons. Plan is to rebuild later on with a 3582 and other goodies so I want the best ecu for the future mods too. I know everyone raves about haltech but I'm just wondering if it's worth the extra $500? Or if you purely pay for the name. I don't mind spending the extra money I just want it to be worth it. Any info is greatly appreciated!
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