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  1. I'm sure theyre cool in person like lambos... cant stand em on the screne but damn theyre amazing in person
  2. Interms of using this for a rebuild. Hows the enhine and transmition? Is evrything else totalled?
  3. Hope your alright mate, percentage wise how much of the cars components could be placed into the chassie of an older r33 body?
  4. Take me with you next time? I'll shout all the food stops ahahah
  5. Im mature for my age. Id only ever push it on the track, when I say push it... I really mean it ))
  6. That was granturismo 3. Lol took 10 deconds to remember if it was a toyota or mitsubishi.. lots of simmilarities to the supra interms of asthetics.
  7. Holy crap! I had an awesome modifyed mitsubishi fto in granturismo 3. The acceleration was like 0 - 330 in 4 seconds from memory
  8. Ive only played the old ones where you have to hold down the X button and just turn no gear shifting ((
  9. Its available on PC? Hmm ok ill look i to it. I loved ot at cuzins house. Enjoying the freedom of shifting gears. Gran turismo sucks....
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