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  1. won't let me use img tags for some reason? heres my very stock S15
  2. i would like to upgrade to a 2 din unit in my S15 Ive been looking around for awhile and have narrowed it down to either the Pioneer AVH-P4450BT or Alpine IVA-W520EBT http://www.tonkins.com.au/2012/03/pioneer-avhp4450bt/ http://www.tonkins.com.au/2012/02/alpine-ivaw520ebt/ the alpine seems to have a few more features, but the pioneer has a better touchscreen any suggestions? thanks Sam
  3. my daily 95 pulsar LX Excellent condition small car. 1.6 litre, 5 speed manual, fantastic on fuel. Power steering, window tint, alarm and cd player. Large boot space + rear seats fold forwards. Paint work and interior in excellent condition. Always serviced and mechanically A1. Registered until Feb 2012 Car can be viewed at Findon during business hours 0433586853 $2600
  4. just got mine done through Harvey Glass 0418804015, awesome work, well priced and hes a mobile service so he comes to you
  5. yeah its a nice cruise along the freeway, murray bridge is pretty nice too apart from the feral/centerlink side of things
  6. yeah murray bridge is bad for defects, especially asking for one if driving 'spiritedly' in the built up areas. i was there on thursday and counted 4 cop cars between the top of adelaide road and the bridge
  7. hey Steve! yeah i sold the 33 not long after the kadina show the facebook thread is providing me with some good laughs :lol:
  8. yep, i think they've damaged their business rep beyond repair now
  9. ah yes i remember your old 31 drift beast! i got an s15 now, stock as a rock though
  10. some more words f*kd playn foram gramma use beter worrie 30 protein shakes LOL
  11. spotted a silver 34 GT-R, white S14 and dark coloured S13 londsdale road last night
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