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  1. RB30-t into HR31 Hi ppls, ok so it looks like I've taken on another project. As mentioned above I have to swap an RB30-t into a HR31 gts-x not an "r". I guess the difference is the ecu ? Has anyone here done the swap ? Apart from the usual stuff is there any tricks in doing so. BTW it will run a auto instead of manual (my legs don't work) Wanting to run around 400bhp, do we use a Halpro ? Need help if you can ?
  2. Yeah sorry about the topic heading I'm still working out how things work. I'm a huge fan of RB30's as I've owned three of them previously and are the strongest engine. Thanks for the advise.
  3. Mad Mundy Hi ppls, hope to find some advise on which lump would be best ? I have a HR31 and the engine is not that healthy. So it requires a transplant. I'm looking to have around 400hp. It is a manual ATM however it needs to be converted to auto as I'm in a wheelchair. I don't want to spend six months building this or that as I build bikes and have too many projects already. So I bolt up would be the ideal result. Any help I'd appreciate. /;-$
  4. Yup white pearl. I have just bought another black car and currently own a white one (white pearl) and am already regretting it. White cars are easier to live with than any other colour.
  5. In my option the car has seen more than 12k. The 350z I had, mine wore exactly the same so did my GT's. This is my personal opinion and is not profesional. It is more representative of around the 85k mark. The seats are a very good indicator of how a car has been used.
  6. Mad Mundy Hello all, I've been a fan of Datsun for years. I owned a very early Laurel in my twenty's, a 1815 four cylinder then three RB30's a 350Z rag top a 350GT a 370GT a 74 Cedrick coupe and now a HR31. This is my first turbo car and will need your advice and guidance if I may ? I have raced motorcycles for years I also own and run a performance shop for bikes. Once again hi.
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