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  1. Could you assist with a part number please? I've had a look on the actual bolt and couldn't find anything
  2. Hey guys, Building a 20det and just seeing if they're the same as the SR Rod bolts, so if they are i'm guessing ill have to picked up 2 lots of sr rod bolts?
  3. Hey guys, Currently building a rb20det and picked up some ACL Race Berings (7M2394H-STD) and I've been told that they may just be the crank bearings and not the rod bearings. Is this correct? The box come with 2 packets colored clear and yellow.
  4. Hey guys, Building a rb20det and about to pick up some billet oil pump gears and as the listing description says it's 20/25/26 oil pump gears and i would just like clarification that they're the same. I've done a little bit of searching but cannot find the answer.
  5. Rb25de Exhaust Hey Guys, I've got a rb25de swapped s1 r33, would I be able to just buy a exhaust kit for a Rb25de and it would fit on or would I run into problems? P.S I've got no idea what im doing so please use basic language. Thanks,
  6. R33 Clutch Problem? Hey, So since today when either engaging or disengaging a weird sound comes from the bottom of the car. You can hear the throw out bearing sometimes on idle but this is quite louder then usual. I have no idea...
  7. Thanks for the advice, I'll let you know how it goes on the weekend. PS: Your 33 looks f*cking mint!
  8. R33 Driver-side Seatbelt Problem Hey guys, My drivers seatbelt wont retract or extend, could someone point me in the right direction to learning how to remove the panel behind the drivers seat. Do I have to remove the back seats to get to it? Thanks, Dyllan
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