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  1. Hey legends, I've had a search around and I can only find old threads. I'm moving form the NT to Brisbane at the end of the year and the old girl is gonna need a tune when I get there. I'm after recommendations of where to take it?? Thanks in advance.
  2. Yep, got it in katherine. We also have a puma that has 98 but I don't trust it. I had to wait for a bloke to come up from Adelaide to do my tune, I had previously had a tune done in Darwin but it was expensive and didn't give me any results. I made the mistake of getting my tune done in the build up too
  3. We have bp ultimate, I filled up with that in Darwin, the tuner couldn't put more timing in as it would start to knock. He reckons it was a combo of poor fuel and high ambient temps.
  4. Thanks hardsteppa. Are the poncams a straight swap for factory? Eg retain vct? I'm hoping once I move back to the east coast and get my tune redone it should puck up some more power, had a horrible time with the "98 octane" fuel up here. I think cams will be next in line for me.
  5. Not sure if im ready to make that 30 jump. But what you're saying makes sense. Many things to consider....... I've only been in the NT for a few years, so I missed the open limits, wish they would bring them back though ?
  6. Thanks mate, I'm happy with the turbo, mainly after the low/mid range increase. From what I've read 256 poncams will drop straight in and retain vct. This is my first "performance" car and I have done all the work myself in my shed, so it's all a learning experience for me. Holy shit, you've got yourself a collection! I'll hit up Tao when I finally take the plunge. Thanks again!
  7. Hey mate, I'm in katherine, got one of maybe 4 skylines here haha. I was on the dyno at peckys. It was a good 18 minths ago, just been slack with more upgrades. Had my tune done in the build up, so ambient temps were garbage. You in Darwin? I wanna stick with low mount, as factory as possible, hence the high flow. Just after a bit more kick.
  8. Hi guys, long time listener, first time caller. So I've done some basic mods to my 33 and was somewhat disappointed with the results. Mods as follows: Front mount GCG high flow running 18psi 740cc apexi injectors Upgraded coils (yaris) Walbro pump Z32 afm Power fc Exhaust and bellmouth dump E-boost 2 Maybe more, can't remember............ Any who, I live in the NT. Car made 201kw on the dyno on 98ron. My question is will a set of cams help me power wise? Not chasing huge numbers, just wanna flog it up to the 130k speed limits here ;) Car is responsive, drives really nice, but everyone wants more power yeah? Any feed back or advice on next step for upgrade/more power appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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