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  1. I NEED A STICK OF DYNAMITE LOLLLLLLL Fired up the engine today and the same problem what the hell could this possibly mean,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  2. when i pulled down the head while communicating with you guys i did a kerosene leak down to see if any vales were leaking and if there was any only one or two which was slight on the exhaust side. Intake had no sign of leakage and i did all valves with the head turn over and the kerosene settle on the valve based..... so am trying to get another compression tester dont have access to a leak down tool..... Reason why i lapp the valves well more fine on intake and coarse and fine on the exhaust is cause the last two valves of the exhaust had a slight bend so all 12 valves were lapp over on the exhaust which change the clearance i believe....and after that is when this issue was shown..... I already change the clearance to tomei spec of 0.018 thou on the intake... i may/might start the engine and see if what i did made any difference...Engine time on points am only left to believe either the vct might have a play in this but i doubt all that was done to the head when taken off was - Replace exhaust #11 and #12, Tomei 1.2 head gasket,stock head bolts torque to nissan specs,changed valve seals ,lapp intake with fine and exhaust with fine and coarse...Thats about it....
  3. well unfortunately it was an issue with the compression tester i did a compression test on a sr20 engine and it did that same thing....
  4. This is the slow compression build up i was referring to CYlinder #1 Compression.mp4
  5. illl start sometime this week.. just need time to finish mount up other components.....am running no IAC/Idle control.....
  6. And the battle continues........ Timed the engine on points,ran a compression test again still did the slow build up starting to think that compression tester is maybe defective or ill need to try another one or try that same one on another engine to confirm... havent start the engine to see if its still doing the low vac issue...
  7. Thanks... brb until i continue the assembly of the engine...
  8. And yes i held it in position in removing and installing.This might be my last bet.. If its stuck open it will create much more overlap = low vac. Correct me if am wrong. How can i tell if my vct is stuck.....
  9. Well i did and so far i havent seen anything wrong,valves are sealing properly..... so just for a piece of mind i did the intake clearances to tomei spec and so is the exhaust.... now its just to time the engine and am not even gonna start just run a compression test again and see whats popping...am starting to wonder maybe the engine was just a tooth off and could of been part of the issue even doh i checked a million times if that doesnt work welllllllllllllll idk lol
  10. am moving away from the "tight clearance" cause i saw it still wouldnt cause that issue, what i really wanna know what IF the clearance settings i posted a little while would cause a change in overlap .... am not no genius in this cause currently search results is limited to my question so i hadda fetch from all over and then put it together to see if it makes sense .... Timing correct,did a smoke machine test no BIG leak, compression test done(but slow build up)
  11. ok let me say again..... its very hard for the engine to idle at 1000rpm so high rpms it idles but with no vac... if it trys to go 1000rpm its gonna cut off sure.... did a compression test and it took long for the results to build up wasnt like the first pulse it jump to a 60-90psi reading and then settle to another high number...
  12. what could it really be.... wouldmt it be from the clearance that changes the overlap?
  13. lolllll i came to harass my sau buddies once again..... finally took of the head saw nothing to really say A BIG issue.... Took some gas and put it on all 6 chambers of valves and all seems to be well sealed except for one but very slow .... so now am left to believe due to the shim clearance settings i got for intake and exhaust can be causing the problem... Intake - 0.012(Nissan) Tomei Requires - 0.018 Exhaust - 0.019(Nissan) Tomei Requires - 0.015 what i currently have is the intake side of nissan and the exhaust side of tomei so am wondering to have the intake of tomei to see if it makes a differences .....
  14. cam timing is on spot but havent checked the ignition timing...also what i forget to mention is that the compression tester took a while to build up the reading so it have me wondering that its looking like a valve seating issue... could be wrong ?
  15. Ok buddies... i have finally got the time to check the timing and did a compression test and so far on the timing its on spot so far , the compression test showed the same value for the cylinders 2-6 of 125 but cylinder 1 was a bit lower but thats due to valve 1 of the intake being 0.011 when the others are 0.012.... so my last check is to do a proper smoke test.. what yall think?
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