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  1. you know whats funny now.... i checked the cam specs card to see whats the clearance of tomei 262 should be and it fell within the range the clearance of it and i personally wanted it to be in nissan specs so thinking i have it at a tight valve when tomei requested it to be so without me even realizing it....now it have me wondering it can be really something else geeezzz
  2. thats a long story but thats not what am worried about
  3. yes i did that remove it with a spanner in place to remove the vct gear
  4. yes it was running with those cams before and the engine ran with vac perfect before i took of the head to replace the valves(two exhaust) ..... so your saying the clearance on the exhaust side wouldnt cause such ?
  5. sorry what i meant is how its all in different categories
  6. i was trying another forum to see if i get another replies geeez lol
  7. havent got a timing light to know... i had it at the neutral position/stock...sooooo .....again i started the engine before i did the head removal and it showed vac and also the timing was at stock position and idle fine just dump alot of gas....reason for head removal had a slight bent valve on 11 and 12 exhaust(idk how it happened) but the engine was bought from someone etc etc etc
  8. yeah all the dots are lined up perfectly ...just did the screw driver test for additional clarification ...... still my question havent been answered yet " will the current clearance value cause this problem also" or is it just intake related(intake cam,boost/vac leak etc)
  9. oh i did check timing but i dont like using the crank pulley as it tends not to be 100% correct(believe mines getting worn out).... all marks seems to line up perfect and did the screw driver trick to make sure it was tdc and all marks line perfect ...... geeeeeeeez idk why little things does cause big problems lolzzz
  10. p.s this is my personal build and not a customer(dont do mechanical services) so everything am doing is trail and error on this project
  11. try a home made smoke machine had a very slight leak to the throttle body/tps......saw no other leaks from the intake(injector seals,gasket,vac lines) just the timing to check .... this engine produce vac before i took off the head but after i lap the exhaust valves(grit to fine) and due to human error on my side forgot to check clearance( first time dealing with head work on rb) lol...... but will the exhaust valve cause this issue being the clearance out of gap...
  12. well i havent drove the car/ran it for long to say for it to cause any major damages but it ran for a while with no heavy load......but what do you suspect it maybe?
  13. checked all lines last time i try to make the car stay steady at idle was at 2000 to 2500 rpm or so.....am starting to think its more to deal with the exhaust clearance that causing it not to idle at lower rpm since the clearance is tight..but i just wanna confirm with yall....dont have leak down tools but only a compression tester
  14. elsewhere like? engine wont idle at 1000 rpm and if it try to will die and it shows zero value
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