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  1. My 2c, stick with the Albins, stay on top of your supplier and roast them for the delay, but wait it out. I know a few boys now running the Albins and all are very happy with them. Think of it like this, it would be a GTR if it didn’t give you stress!
  2. Look forward to seeing what you do with it, you going to paint it? Or leave it white?
  3. Had a chat with the guy from Garrett turbos yesterday about turbo options, he recommended the G30 900hp or G35 900, said they would offer good response and solid top end, another option is the G35 1050hp, this turbo is to supersede the 3584rs and will be released in a T4 divided rear housing option in the 1st quarter of 2021.
  4. This is what I’m thinking, but I’m also not a Precesion fan boy, so I’d like to know all my options, I’ve heard good things about the Garrett 3584rs, mixed reviews on the new G series, good things about Borg Warner, I’ve also looked at Xona rotor?
  5. So there would be no reason to go 6875 over 6870? this is what I’m trying to find out, I’d like to actually talk to someone who is really switched on with turbos and not tied to any one brand. When I sell my motor I’ll probably let it go with the entire hot side. As my new motor is a 2.7, I’d like a turbo that is responsive, but can still make decent power and give a decent push when turned up.
  6. My rb30/26 was built using supertech pistons, was done a while ago, motor did around 50k making 350kw and 5k making 500kw. Had a health check done on the motor this week and came back perfect. Motor has little to no blow by and is insanely strong. Even on E85 I never got any noticeable contamination in the oil. And supertech rate them to 800hp I believe
  7. My thoughts are this, and I’m still torn here. But you wouldn’t get a Hakosuka GTR and pull the engine out (it has been described as the laggiest NA motor ever produced) and drop an SR20 into it, then say, it drives much better. this would probably be true, but you’d be missing the point. Now, I’m not saying our cars are at that same level, but I believe they are going in that direction. So I’d like to try to get my car when I want it, while it is still somewhat affordable (should have done it a couple of years ago) lol At this point, I’m even considering putting a getrag in it, over a sequential. but we’ll see where things go. As Piggaz said, they are a big heavy bucket of shit! but isn’t that why we love them, Clarkson said, it’s the flaws and imperfections in a car that we bond to. If it was perfect, it would be boring.
  8. And have HICAS and ITB’s etc, for me it’s a juggling match, I want to build the car and retain as many ‘factory’ features as I can, but I want 500kw so there will obviously need to be some sacrifices made. Off topic, but another area of the car that’s got my head spinning is brakes, mine is currently fitted with V-spec brembo’s. I like this as they were a factory fitted item, but I’m so tempted to put the new Alpha Amega brembo kit that someone posted here. Interior, I have recaros fitted currently but have purchased genuine R32 seats, the interior will be getting a full makeover and I’ll be going back to factory colours but use more modern/ better quality materials.
  9. Hi bro, how you been? How’s the car? I might have an rb 30 for sale soon! Lol
  10. Just wondering what SAU are doing at this years GTR festival, will there be a display area for SAU in the pits?
  11. Yeah I hear you, this is my car now, even with the 68/70, it’s on when you roll the throttle, rpm doesn’t really matter. As a street car, it’s probably as good as you’d want, but because I’m a little weird I think ‘As a GTR’ where do I want it? shouldnt a GTR have lag, isn’t that part of the driving experience, lol If I do this, it won’t be one engine out and one in, it will be engine bay respray, blast and coat subframe, replace bonnet, re wire engine bay. I will bring the bay up to a standard I want it. It presents well now, but It’s no where near finished to a level I’m happy with. But thanks for the the input, I appreciate peoples opinions on this, helps to give perspective and give me an idea what to expect if I move forward with this.
  12. Another thing, guys who have gone from a standard crank to a billet crank, how much difference does it make? I’ve read that the billet Rev much smoother/quicker and feel very sharp on the throttle?
  13. This is me, if I was building a motor, then I would build a 2.7/8. The 30 was in it when I bought the car, but it’s proven to be a very good motor. So now a part of me says stuck with what you got, you know it’s good, it’s set up and it works, and the other part says, build it how you want. Now it seems from the responses here that most, if building from scratch, would go with a 2.7-2.8 over a 3.0/2
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