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  1. Could be TPS or a wheel speed sensor? But I imagine it would have thrown a code if it was. Do you have a torque split controller?
  2. I’ve already bought an r32 rear end, but I’ll look into the s13 subframe, but isn’t it the knuckle that would need to change?
  3. Cheers Dose, unfortunately, due to work, family etc, I don’t drive it nearly as much as I’d like to, since owning it I think the mechanics have seen more of it then I have 🤔 GTR life! Lol the car will be more for spirited mountain runs, putting the wife in it and going up north or down south for a weekend away. Yes, there will be the odd roll racing event, and I will take it to WSID at least once, but those events don’t really interest me much. I’d love to do track/drive days in it but unfortunately due to time restraints that’s unlikely to happen often. if I was to go a solid over rubber, how harsh will the ride get? I guess to give more info, the car is riding on MCA street series coil overs, I had a look under it the other day and it looks to have poly bushes (they are orange) in the sub frame and rubber for the diff mounts. In its current state it’s very compliant and quite comfortable (for a GTR).
  4. Thanks for that, I was referring to subframe bushes, So you suggest poly over oem or rubber. What are the advantages/ disadvantages of going poly over rubber? I’ve watched the motive video, it was kind of what pushed me to go all out on the rear end, that and I’m a little fussy. I’ll be basically tidying up the whole undercarriage. From the engine back, everything will be new or referbed
  5. Great build mate, it’s come a long way, I think you are just around the corner from me, I live in Harrington park, we should organise a drive one day, if both cars are ever running at the same time 😂😂 Also, I’d love to pick your brain on a few things, seems our builds are similar. Mine lifted the head a while ago, got it sorted now but the build has kind of run away from me and is doing what it likes, I just pay the bills 🤔
  6. Well, what started as a basic tidy up has gotten a little out of hand, I’ve decided to build a complete rear end. I just bought a second hand one so I’ll be building/preparing this one to go into the car, complete. I’ll be getting it blasted and re-coated, I bought a GKTECH subframe reinforcement kit, I sourced a diff housing and I got my hands on a brand new ring and pinion gear, I got a set of 31 spline half shafts and will be fitting a quaife centre and Greddy extended hat. I do currently have Hardrace arms fitted to the car, I’ll might re use these. I bought new hubs and will be reconditioning my drive shafts. now what I want to know, 1. do I stick with the hard race arms? what other options do I have and what benefit will I gain for $$ spent? 2. What bush’s Should I use, what is good? 3. I want to fit a good quantity hicas lockout/elimination kit. Hicas has been removed from my car and it’s fitted with a lock out bar. I want to get rid of the hicas rack altogether. What is the best kit on the market? Now, the car is being put together, with the end goal being a solid, competent street car, that can handle a drive day. So in regards to bush’s, I’ll probably be steering clear of solid, I’m considering oem or I know there are after market hardened rubber bush’s, I’m not sure about poly? The hard race arms I bought were all the Bush type, not pillow ball. Hit me with your knowledge people
  7. Car looks amazing, well done, it’s the little things that make it, the series 3 lights, 34 wheel etc, just set it off, beautiful car. The Precesion 64/66 is a popular turbo, might be a little lazy with stock compression motor but will make 400-450kw on a lower boost setting, then when you’re ready and build the bottom end, you can turn it up, that turbo will be good for 550kw ATW. Just be mindful that you’ll be past the limits of the stock box, so if you beat on it too much you’ll end up with a noisy or broken gearbox. and the can of worms has been cracked open 😂
  8. That’s not going to be easy, try Z1 motorsports in the states, they can sometimes get their hands on rare parts. another option is Tomei do a front and rear gearset which is to help with response, I think it’s 3.9 but it’s quite expensive
  9. Check out Hypertune’s Facebook page, they have photos on there of the Albins in an R32
  10. What your mechanic is telling you is the general consensus. My experience was, 1st box started getting noisy, probably similar to yours at 350kw, then I upgraded to single turbo and changed boxes, put in a rebuilt second hand box. Car made 500ish kw, box lasted two weeks before it started making noises. Was perfect to begin with. Ended up whining quite bad
  11. No Steve, it’s such a bitch, when I got to the mechanics, it f**ken started! But the surge tank was empty so he thinks the lift pump might be on its was out. He will check the logging today to see what happened
  12. Don’t you just love when this happens! It was my fault, I shouldn’t carry cash in my wallet, the car can smell it! looks like the lift pump died, at least it was on the way to the mechanic 🤪 shout out to Mick from Micks Towing, you’re a lifesaver, top bloke, great service and fair price.
  13. Haha, sounds like something I would like. in regards to displaying on the stereo screen. I was curious if I could set something up to have 3 digital displays on the screen, as a ‘throwback’ to the factory layout of the interior, it wasn’t a deal breaker (obviously) and it doesn’t really bother me, I’ve got plans with the dash layout to be a modern improved version of the factory layout.
  14. Stereo is finally finished, speakers were a nightmare. The Hertz didn’t fit, ended up getting a pair of Kenwood, I’m very happy with the sound quality. Also I tidied up the install of the head unit and filled some small gaps. Overall i think it looks good and nothing was cut. now time to just relax and enjoy the rest of my Sunday
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