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  1. Do Nismo make clutches for the GTST, haven’t heard a bad thing about the clutch they make for GTR, everyone who has one says better then factory feel.
  2. You did better then me, I only managed 11.8 and mine went 133mph
  3. While waiting for my car to be finished my brother bought me this thoughtful gift
  4. Maybe it’s 9k indicated on the taco?
  5. Ok, car is almost done, went for a drive with my tuner yesterday to complete final set up to suit my driving style. I can’t stress this enough, Powertune have been awesome throughout this process, there were a few hurdles but they were all dealt with in a fair and professional manner, I highly recommend them. now for first impressions, its been wet so I had to drive to conditions, car has three boost settings, 20psi, 27psi and 32psi. I drove it on 20psi in a setting that purposely gives linear power delivery. First thing I noticed is the car has considerably sharper throttle response and the torque and power below 3000rpm is miles ahead of what it was, the car seem more willing to rev and it Revs effortlessly, I was very impressed. The flat shift is spot on and the auto blip on downshift works very well, (apart from user error) the car can be driven without using the clutch, apart from take off. It’s insane, you can drive the car below 3000rpm with ease, it will pull from 1200rpm in 4th gear without any hesitation and pulls well. Outright power? The way it Revs is completely different now, I gave it a couple of squirts, (where it was safe) was told I applied 70% throttle, on boost even at 20psi the acceleration was rapid and it puts on serious speed, very quickly! what impressed me the most was the throttle control while on boost, where before acceleration would increase rapidly as it came on boost, you can now control the rate of acceleration through small changes of the pedal, yes the acceleration is rapid on boost but I now have significant control of that. Best of all, the car is seriously fast at 20psi! I got two more settings to play with!
  6. Hi mate, welcome, looking at your list I think the 1000cc injectors will be at their limit for your power target so if you want some head room, go the 1650cc Bosch motorsport, these are also better with e85, as stated may as well go an aftermarket fuel pressure regulator. yes you can fit the 460 pump in your tank and you should get away with it with the factory lines. You will need a metal head gasket to hold boost, Tomei seems to be the go to. when you start to talk oil control you’d better open your wallet , the billet gear in the oil pump is a good idea, as is a head drain, extended baffled sump and an oil cooler, depends how far you want to go. these cars have a way of emptying your wallet! I haven’t had a dollar for the last two years! Lol
  7. Good work so far, keep the updates coming and don’t be shy to throw up a question if you get stuck 👍🏼
  8. Ichibarn specialise in Subaru and although I don’t doubt they could build and tune a GTR, you’re probably better off going to a shop that works in them every day. JEM are good, Adam is a wealth of knowledge, they are friendly and approachable. Also just around the corner are B2R racing, the boys their are friendly and helpful and those guys are building some of the fastest GTR’s in the country. My car is currently at Powertune in Eastern Creek (I also live in the Campbelltown area). I’m obviously going to recommend Powertune, why did I take my car there, I spoke with all shops and chose the shop I felt most comfortable with. I felt the direction they could take my car in was where I wanted it. So, moral of the story, most shops are very good, go speak with all of them and go to the one you feel most comfortable with.
  9. @alexj I bought my motec through Powertune in Sydney, they wrote their own software package specifically for the GTR, with the purchase of an additional wiring loom the motec now controls the 4wd, (attessa is disconnected) I will have 4 modes which are preset and controlled through a pdm. Rwd, standard, one setting designed for circuit driving and one setting for drag racing.
  10. Thanks mate, I’ll post up my opinions on it all once I get the car back. So far I’m very happy with the workmanship, the bay is looking very tidy. unfortunately, it’s a never ending project, I’m not finished this round of mods and I’m planing the next round. Looking at getting the car resprayed, fitting a motec 12’ dash display and sending it to heasmans to get the suspension set up how I want it, and there’s more beyond that!
  11. Exactly, inbetween is useless, I haven’t had a chance to play with it too much as straight after the exhaust was fitted it went in a shop and I haven’t got it back yet. But two short drives was enough to annoy me to the point where I’ll be hard wiring it! Lol
  12. And yes, it is big, got mine as high up as I could get it, I think it’s not too bad but some mates have made comments about the size. my exhaust is 4’ from turbo back
  13. The remote opens and closes the flap in stages and when you’re in the car, you never know where it’s at, sometimes it doesn’t work, the range from the transponder to the remote is shit, I’m going to put a switch in mine as soon as I get it back, 2 settings, open and closed. Just to keep it simple. They are good and it will be quiet when it’s closed, just don’t give it a hard time when in the closed position (obviously)
  14. I’ve just installed a motec ecu in my GTR, the motec has it’s own software for 4wd control which I have, I’ll let you you know how it is when I get the car back, although it would be an expensive way to do it, if solely for the 4wd control
  15. Shoota, I’ve got that varex on my car, it’s really quiet when closed, I’d recommend you hard wire a switch in the car to open/close it as the remote is a pain in the arse!
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