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  1. If you’re chasing diff gears, Neat gearboxes manufactures diff gears for the R200 diff in a heap of ratios.
  2. I’m really not sure, but going off the comments I’d say, probably not, looks like most customers are for drag and/or street duties
  3. Also there is a shop called ‘for the drivers’ on FB, helps slot of guys source parts in the GTR community
  4. Have you spoken with Vince or Michael, they might be able to help. I did an ABS delete and Vince supplied me with genuine N1 hard lines
  5. For parts, Z1 Motorsport’s, CZ motorsport are good as I’d have some new oem stuff cheap. I bought new hubs, bearings, seals, king pins etc.
  6. Yep, I said the same, and now 5k in parts later 🤔
  7. Yeah, they pop up for sale all the time, complete plenum with throttle bodies, people are asking $600-$1000 generally
  8. Can’t link it but it’s in the GTR owners Australia page, just search posts about block brace. Look for the post with over 100 comments. here’s a snippet, but there is a lot of back/fourth between Maatouk, McDonnell and Herman. Great read
  9. I Orderrd it at GTR festival, but there was a delay as it was the first batch of lazer cut ones. Normal turnaround time is 2-3 weeks, I was told
  10. I’ll get a photo of the original and the fpg together. I’ve done it purely because the lengths I’m going to with the bay, I want everything looking mint. I’ve just ordered new oem front hubs, bearings ball joints etc as well as a heap of oem nuts, bolts clips. It’s amazing how fast the $$ add up. but can’t stop now I guess 🤔
  11. Looks very good, I’ll have to put it next to my actual one to see how close it is. These ones are laser cut so supposed to be better then the previous ones he was doing.
  12. Well the spending continues as I travel further down the rabbit hole! decided I’m doing the entire front end, so both left and right sides are coming out, getting new hubs, new bearings, new bushes, anything I can’t replace with be blasted coated before being re-fitted. At the moment I’m trying to get the wiper motor referbished, I have sourced a new one, but it will cost me around $700 so I’ll try to get mine looking good enough to be present in my engine bay 🤣 Brett, I got my studs, we’re both same size so won’t work with factory plenum, I’m talking to John and working with him to make a set to suit factory plenum. I’ll let you know how it goes. also I bought a rear genuine Nismo tower brace to match my Nismo front tower brace, just got to decide what colour to get them coated. also can’t decide what to do with the AC compressor and alternator. Thinking ill paint the alternator black and maybe see if I can get the ac condenser cleaned. ive decided I’m getting a custom power steer reservoir with an fittings and custom braided lines, will also be running a power steer cooler and fuel cooler. here is a few parts I’ve had cleaned, the clear coated myself, did the ac condenser myself. Turned out nice And yes got a new build plate from FPG.
  13. Does this count as Euro? My new daily, it’s got a Renault motor! Lol Just fitted a Pro Vent catch can and Plazmaman, cooler and pipe kit as well as Plazmaman intake pipe. Next is turbo back exhaust, then off to Jez for a remap. 👍🏼
  14. Do this, then paint bay, any painter can paint back to factory spec if that’s what you’re after.
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