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  1. Looking good 👍🏼 booster looks tidy, did you paint it or get it reconditioned?
  2. Love all the for sales from years ago that people bring up and ask, Us this still available? Lol mind you, I bought my GTR off SAU and the add was two years old! Lol
  3. Cheers, slowly getting there, now I got to motivate myself to strip front and rear subframe and get things done
  4. I know, not sure what’s going on at the moment! Lol
  5. 8 weeks puts us at December 18, sure you going to get a motor together by Christmas. think we should both aim to have the cars on the road by Christmas…2022! 😂😂😂
  6. Ok, do they do Hydro blasting as well? clear ceramic coating would be nice and should last
  7. I’ve ordered a new subframe bolt kit from terra firma, was expensive but will all be new. I also need to source replacement brake lines, (the lines that come off the callipers, they are all rounded. Might see if I can get something made up local.
  8. Small progress, got the front subframe out today, bay should be painted by the end of the week, going to take me a little longer then that to strip, coat and put back together the subframe. Lol baby steps
  9. Yes, mines good with me spending money on it, I’ve explained to her what I’m doing and rough costs, she is ok with that, just doesn’t like the car parts all over the house. I really need a big shed. Something with a hoist and plenty of storage space
  10. Don’t want straight cut, or I would, so when I go sequential it will either be Holinger or the new PPG with billet housing
  11. Yeah but it costs me, the whine from the Mrs for cluttering up her room, sometime I feel like I own an Albins sequential! 😂😂😂
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