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  1. I’m running R34 GTR 18’ wheels on mine, they offered to test fit my wheels to their shop car (which has this set up) to ensure adequate clearance. I’m currently running the V spec Brembos which I’ve invested quite a bit of money into getting the setup right. but this is tempting
  2. This looks killer, I called them as soon as I saw this, had a good chat with them, now I’ve also read the whole add. Looks to be a very well sorted kit. Might add new brakes to my Christmas list 😆
  3. How much water is it pushing? When I had the cometic head gasket, it started pressurising the cooling system around 27-28psi through the 68/70, which was just shy of 500kw. It wasn’t that bad though, would basically fill the overflow bottle if I gave it a hard time, but would suck the water back into the radiator when it cooled down. When the head came off you could see where the combustion gases were making their way to the water channels, cylinder 3 was the worst and I think cylinder 5 from memory. It did hold together for over a year, and I took it on a couple of 500km in one day drives.
  4. Well I’m at 580kw on ARP2000’s, nil issues. With a Tomei head gasket. @500kw using ARP2000’s and a Cometic head gasket, the head gasket failed. when the head was removed the torque of the head studs was checked and I was told they were torqued to spec. a mate of mine bought a JHH built motor. Motor was built for 1000hp, they used a Nitto head gasket and ARP 2000 head studs. when making the decision on what to use for mine I contacted numerous shops and engine builders. With my target being 600kw. Most recommend ARP2000’s. One engine builder stated he won’t use 625’s. Many different opinions, but BK hit the nail on the head, I’d go even further, for 95% of builds, ARP2000’s would be more then capable. Remember, CA625’s are a fairly new product, it wasn’t that long ago 2000’s were the best available and were being used, successfully on 1000+hp builds.
  5. Some added touches, not the best colour match ? so I’ll have to get that sorted.
  6. PranK, can you upload it to instagram, I’m hopeless on that platform, don’t really use it. ?? Cheers
  7. Yes, it’s really nice. Was good to drive the car again, forgot how bloody fast this thing is. Even on gate pressure running 98 the thing is an animal on the street. But you can feel the reduced power in the top end, but it’s really strong through the mid range. I found out the motec uses the wheel speed and rpm. The gear ratios have been entered in so it can determine what gear it’s in. Actually works really well.
  8. Hope this works, and yes, somehow, the gear position indicator works, with the standard gearbox still fitted.
  9. Well I wouldn’t call myself a PRP fan boy but I have some of their products on my car and have had nil issues. I use their trigger kit, r35 coil kit bracket and cas bracket. anyway I think we are straying off topic, back to the build!
  10. Well, after almost 3 months, tomorrow is the day, when the GTR comes home...for a bit. An extensive amount of work has been completed, marking another step in the cars evolution. Still a long way to go before it’s finished, but I’m happy that a lot of the ‘little things’ are now sorted. The car went on the dyno to sort out a boost creep/spike issue, it had a blend of 98 and e85 and was at about 15% ethanol content. It made 420 awkw on the rollers @20psi (gate pressure) and that’s wearing Toyo R888 tyres. looking forward to getting it back and taking it for a run.
  11. Thanks Daymo, I’m very happy with the result, not sure if you noticed but there are shift lights in the tacho, oil pressure gauge also gives oil temp, water temp gauge give water pressure, fuel level gauge gives fuel pressure, and where the trip metre should be gives boost.
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