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  1. Cheers, slowly getting there, now I got to motivate myself to strip front and rear subframe and get things done
  2. I know, not sure what’s going on at the moment! Lol
  3. 8 weeks puts us at December 18, sure you going to get a motor together by Christmas. think we should both aim to have the cars on the road by Christmas…2022! 😂😂😂
  4. Ok, do they do Hydro blasting as well? clear ceramic coating would be nice and should last
  5. I’ve ordered a new subframe bolt kit from terra firma, was expensive but will all be new. I also need to source replacement brake lines, (the lines that come off the callipers, they are all rounded. Might see if I can get something made up local.
  6. Small progress, got the front subframe out today, bay should be painted by the end of the week, going to take me a little longer then that to strip, coat and put back together the subframe. Lol baby steps
  7. Yes, mines good with me spending money on it, I’ve explained to her what I’m doing and rough costs, she is ok with that, just doesn’t like the car parts all over the house. I really need a big shed. Something with a hoist and plenty of storage space
  8. Don’t want straight cut, or I would, so when I go sequential it will either be Holinger or the new PPG with billet housing
  9. Yeah but it costs me, the whine from the Mrs for cluttering up her room, sometime I feel like I own an Albins sequential! 😂😂😂
  10. Sump is finished, ready to go back on the motor with all new nuts/bolts/studs etc, is running a quaife centre and shot peened ring and pinion gear.
  11. Up for sale is my genuine Tomei front diff cover. Item is new removed from box to test fit to sump only to discover it doesn’t fit as the sump extension is in the way 🤬. $500. Cooling Pro radiator, used for less then 200km. $150 Cooling Pro tube and fin intercooler, 600 x 300 x 100mm thick, modified to use Plazmaman clamps. $300 can post at buyers expense of pick up from Harrington Park. If interested PM me and I’ll shoot you my number for contact. I’ve posted here first before I go to FB market place and have to deal with the crazies! Lol
  12. Yes, I’ve seen his videos, that car was in real bad shape (white R32 GTR) if it’s the one I’m thinking of. Almost beyond repair, that guy has some drive. And skill to fix it. My issue is, I’ve probably gone a bit too far, in terms of restoration, I’m not building a show piece, I want something I can drive and enjoy. Looks like I’ve secured a 6 speed getrag so that should take care of gearbox duties till I can afford a sequential.
  13. Can’t wait to get the subframe out of mine. I’ll try to get it done soon, just a pain being on home detention! Lol only allowed to leave for essential, is the GTR essential?
  14. Also been going nuts with my tin of clear coat
  15. Sorry for the delay, I was working in ACT when Sydney went into lockdown and couldn’t return home. Here’s a pic of the FPG plate
  16. Well, I guess overdue for an update, short story, this car is killing my life! Lol Maybe more then COVID! ive decided I’m doing the entire front end, so really just been shopping on line. Waiting on a couple more things to arrive then can push ahead with the build. My guest room in the house is now a parts room and is just about packed to the ceiling with parts. I’ve got new king pins, inner and outer ball joints, hubs, bearings and tie rod ends. Just got to order bushes for the front. rear end I got new hubs bearings, bushes (a mix between white line and nismo) and building a 31 spline diff, ordered a quaife centre, got my hands on a set of 31 spline half shafts and brand new ring and pinion gear set. I've had the sump cleaned and coated black, did buy a greddy diff hat, but it doesn’t fit! Grrr hit the extended sump, so going to use the factory hat. Probably spent about 2k+ on new oem nuts/bolts/washers etc. As the saying goes, too much to list! Lol sent the front diff gears to Neat gearboxes to be shot peened, once they are back will get the sump back together and put the motor completely back together and ready to put in the car. Rear turbo housing and manifold have been ceramic coated and I had the under car heat shields done in custom matte silver finish. Engine covers are done, most brackets have been coated, front reo was powder coated as well, re done the gearbox crossmember. just got to do my catch can and a couple of other little things to coat. Bought the new PRP pro trigger kit (well the top part) which runs the new sensor. Goal for the car is still the same, although I’m feeling I’m going waaaaay over the top. Probably will be too clean, but it’s my money, and I still plan to drive it everywhere! looking forward to a Bathurst run!
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