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  1. Bingo not identifying mark at all...
  2. What in God's name is the part number for this bolt?!? It's one of the 4 that hold the 2 halves together
  3. So I learned that basing off the numbers of the crank you can figure out the correct OEM bearings for both crank and rods that will be PERFECT to attach them. I've attached a photo of the crank. Anyone got any idea how to determine them??
  4. I'm trying to figure out if this is the crank that doesn't need a crank collar? If so was thinking this: https://www.spoolimports.com/nissan-rb-crank-collar Or this? https://www.google.com/amp/s/rawbrokerage.com/a/s/products/nitto-extended-crank-collar-rb20-rb25-rb26
  5. It has 3 different specs though... Not sure which one is good?
  6. Here's the Japanese manual http://yariksteel.ru/manual/R34/r34workshopmanualjap.pdf
  7. Hey folks I'm looking for some info and wanted to see if anyone might have it. Working with a RB25DET Neo and I need some factory engine internal specs: deck height Cylinder bore Piston stroke Crank collar specs.. Honestly any factory internal specs for the engine. I'm going over it with a fine tooth comb to make sure it's a solid block before I start building it. I have found a manual but it's in JapaneseNissan Skyline R33 Service Manual.pdf
  8. Looking for real preferably. Can do hydrodip but worried about the age of the original parts and breaking
  9. Wanted to see if there's anything out there such as the attached photo? Wife's wanting to update her interior.
  10. I was curious if the strut bars for the R33 GTST and R33 GTR are the same or are different in any way? Been looking at a few options, but no distinction of model other than GTR.
  11. My idea of a bolt on. 6266 DBB gen 2
  12. Thanks guys. We're looking to do a few bolt ons with the R33... Nothing to crazy Thanks for the compliments. You'll definitely see more photos and antics. We go on road rallys to benefit wounded soldiers getting paired with service dogs regularly so more pics to come lol. Hubby went as the original STIG and his friend as Trex on the last one lol.
  13. Newbie Evening gents from the East coast of the USA. Names Kym, hubbies name is Jon. Decided to just share one username. Recently acquired a 1995 GTST R33 M Spec for a great deal. Never been modified. Already getting ideas for her. Hubbies car is an Evo 8 pushing 780 awhp on a mustang dyno on E85, my 350z is large single turbo making 450 before I built the motor. My daily is the Ford Taurus SHO. AWD twin turbo making about 430awhp at the moment. Enjoy the photos, and yeessssss that's hubby dressed up as Deadpool with our friends carbon R33.
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