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  1. Hey, guys just wondering if anyone knows a good JMD garage in Melbourne.
  2. Hey guys just wondering if anyone here selling R34 Nismo triple gauges please inbox me serious buyer
  3. Ok thanks guys how much for the whole body kit
  4. vic 

    It's turbo the badge is red ..
  5. Hey guys Can anyone tell me where can I buy this carbon fibre triple dash gauges I can't find them on EBay any other site ?
  6. Hi guys can anyone help me where I can buy a centre Din double garages From Thanks
  7. ..

  8. Thanks Bird man...
  9. [emoji1474]
  10. Lol funny True nothing better than a GTR anyone want to swap Cars Gtr for r34 gtt [emoji120][emoji3]
  11. ?
  12. Why not
  13. Is the anyone in Melbourne who rebuild r34 i'm on a budget