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  1. vic 

    It's turbo the badge is red ..
  2. Hey guys Can anyone tell me where can I buy this carbon fibre triple dash gauges I can't find them on EBay any other site ?
  3. Hi guys can anyone help me where I can buy a centre Din double garages From Thanks
  4. ..

  5. Thanks Bird man...
  6. [emoji1474]
  7. Lol funny True nothing better than a GTR anyone want to swap Cars Gtr for r34 gtt [emoji120][emoji3]
  8. ?
  9. Why not
  10. Is the anyone in Melbourne who rebuild r34 i'm on a budget
  11. Just wondering if I can make it a twin turbo NEO engine rebuild
  12. Which car is better out of those two? Any thoughts
  13. Okay m8