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  1. prvlgd

    Used to drive on -16 (different car) all round, camber doesn't actually wear tyres as bad as you'd think. My alignment was done properly and got plenty of kms out of my tyres. To the others; I have discussed with my fabricator, just running on a deadline and it's going to be too tight, but thanks, looks like I'm just going to go s13 arms and get to as close as possible.
  2. Hey all, Just curious what other arms will fit in my r32 gtst to help me achieve -12 camber From what I can tell most other s chassis flcas fit, just would like some clarity before I go ordering parts from japan Cheers
  3. is there a difference between na and turbo? currently looking at one for a "r31 r32 r33 rb20 rb25 gtst"
  4. hey guys, have a 92 skyline gts (32) with a rb25de from a r33 swapped into it by the previous owner. to the best of mine and his knowledge, it is still the stock rb20 box. just curious on what clutch i'll need as mine has started slipping. cheers
  5. Indicators not working Hi guys, Did a coolant change last night and when I was done my indicators were working perfectly normally, when i woke up this morning and drive to work they weren't working, my hazards weren't working either. Initial guess is fuses but I think it may be my relay box now, anyone else have any thoughts? Car is a '92 GTS Cheers
  6. prvlgd

    Yeah they'll be going on for a 10 minute drive to a show then coming off after the show aha. No way I'm driving to sydney with that little tyre and that much camber.
  7. prvlgd

    I have but no repsonses yet aha
  8. 18x11 fitment on 32 gts Hi guys, Just curious to see if anyones gotten close to these specs on their R32 gts/gtst. Wheels are 18x11 +8, will be running a 225/40 tyre and -12 camber on the front, -6 on the rear. Don't worry this is all for a show in 6 weeks, no way in hell I'm driving like this anywhere. Just wanted to know what tyre/camber others have had to run with 18x10.5 or even 18x10 Cheers.
  9. -12 front camber So in preparation for wtac this year, I am building an exaggerated drift stance r32. I've got rear camber arms which should push me out to around -6, but I want -10 to -12 in the front, just curious if anyone has a good idea for which arms. I am able to shorten arms myself and at the moment my train of thought was to buy adjustable front upper camber arms and shorten them, but if anyone has other idea I'm all ears. P.S the car will be driven to the event with this camber, then driven home and it will be turned all the way back down to a somewhat normal amount of negative camber. Cheers
  10. That's what I was hoping not to hear, back to looking for coils then I guess. Thanks
  11. r32 GTS coils Hi guys, I'm about to purchase a set of coils tomorrow for my 92 GTS I just wanted to check these struts will fit as they're out of a 32 4 door. Cheers
  12. My r32 has had it's rb20de swapped to a 25de from a r33 and car has been registered with a 25 in it. However these are both na motors and I know that if I swapped to a turbo I would've needed a certificate, but cos you already have a turbo engine in the car and you're just swapping to another turbo engine then maybe you don't need one? Regardless, if you do need one, get one otherwise if you get caught you'll be enjoying quite a few fines. As far as insurance goes, mine was all smooth, so I suppose as long as the car has been registered with the engine in it, there's no issue.
  13. prvlgd

    Thanks I do have other iphone photos but no good photos (I hang out with photographers lmao) Hey as long as no one has a vendetta and absolutely hates us stance kids, should be right Thanks man - 30/26 is in the works as we speak