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  1. MYR33GT

    What type is this This tag says Garrett 4 inch anti surge compressor T3 flange and vband outlet very confused tried to look up numbers and one says Volvo the other says falcon turbo does anyone know on a rb25det thanks in advance Shane
  2. MYR33GT

    No dints a few chips I am in Brisbane
  3. MYR33GT

    Thanks tried two places and both guoted same price they are 17inch two have no damage so it would only cost 500. I will look at site now.
  4. MYR33GT

    Volk wheels Hi new to the sight , just purchased a R33GTST love it. Has these wheels on just wondering weather they are worth Repairing. Cost will be 250 a wheel. Thanks in advance I am sure I will love this site.